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Would u wedgie a guy freshman wearing tighty whities thats smaller than you for the fun of it?

what no

do you have a skin care routine or not? your skin is literally flawless (as are you)

I just wash my face at night with neutrogina or whatever thank you!!

How old were you when you got your braces? I'm almost 18 and I need braces but I feel like I'm too old for it

I was like 13 just get Invisalign

Btw the pic with your curly hair on Twitter I litrly was like "what the fick" you're so stunning do modeling your fucking face makes up for your height man

Thank you sm!!!

Hola! I know you have naturally curly hair but like out of the shower do you scrunch it or blow dry? Or air dry!!! I have curly hair too and I luv urs

I just let it air dry:) and thank you!!


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