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Lets say a certain blonde lady wanted to take you on a date. What would your ideal date night be?

Lissie_Collins’s Profile PhotoLissie Collins!
Ideal date? I suppose that depends on the mood. But, I'm generally pretty easy to please.
Either a classic night of dinner, maybe a movie, or just a night in with food, drink, some conversation.

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Raifu. /k/'s version of waifus

Oh! Oh, I see. Hmn. That's... a very good question, I suppose. Honestly? Maybe... well, if we're choosing from, say, celebrities... Robert Downey Jr. There's just something about how delightfully witty he is. He's just so charming.
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What is the best Lube?

Silicone-based lube! Water-based gets so... gooey after a bit. Although, that can be nice too. Silicone's nicer when it dries though, far nicer.

What are your feelings about petplay? It seems like something that has so much potential for two partners in a roleplay to develop an excellent romantic relationship.

It could be a lot of fun. Like any other SM relationship it requires a whole lot of trust however, which is supremely important. But, it could be lots of fun.

What are your thoughts on casual sex?

Janine_Betancourt’s Profile PhotoJanine Betancourt
Well... with the right partner, it can be pretty amazing, truth be told. Although if we're being honest, casual sex rarely remains casual. We humans always develop some kind of bond with those we share such intimate situations with after all. And honestly, bonds and relationships make sex much better.

In your humble opinion, what part of your body as provided men the most satisfaction?

Well, I'd wager that answer is obvious, isn't it? What waits between my lovely legs, of course.

What about using them on other people?

Using the usual spam medications and the like on others? Oh, I don't know. Maybe if they wanted that, I wouldn't do it against their will.

What would you do if those classic internet spam filter pills, actually worked?

Oh lord, that's... hmn. An interesting idea. Probably... firm up my breasts a bit more. My age is starting to show. Make them a little perkier. Otherwise I'm honestly quite happy with my body.

Mute girls? Cute or not?

They can be! Maybe! Being mute is kinda interesting though, like blindness and stuff like that.
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What if the wolf is only interested in ANOTHER type of meat she has to offer?~

You know, if you want a specific answer, you should ask a specific question, just saying.
But that would depend on just what that involves.

Kierra's lost in the wild, only way to survive out here is to befriend a Alpha wolf, how would she do so?

Well, honestly? If that's the only way, offer it a piece of meat to eat, try to touch it in the way of a pet or something to show that she's no threat. Something like that.

What would you do if you had a clone?

A clone? That's a tricky question, I think. Hmn. Being in several places at the same time does sound like a lot of fun. And we could always take turns doing the boring stuff, that way that's minimized.
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How do you feel about having your breasts bitten while they're being nursed from?

Uhm, ow? Breasts and nipples are sensitive, you know. Doubly so when lactating. Biting would just be... mean.


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