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Thats where blue toyota parks an roofong co right there an got sherts hanging up the place never has anyone coming or working in it

Okay what about it

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Will you & I survive the changes of time to come? How is your bunker looking? Post a pap of it so far

I don't have one when it's my time it's my time nothing I can or would do to change it

Playdough was the best stress reliever. Idk what you all see in tablets & fidget spinners

There all the same thing a stress reliever

Cash app? Anyone

It's called a job you should try it sometime you get this thing called money for doing labor for others instead of taking money from those who do work

Thats where puke greeb 4 riñer dude from he looks shady

Okay why judge other I'm Shure there a nice person you've just never asked

I feel like I’ll never be understood. I have a high functioning disability called social pragmatic communication disorder. Having this disability makes me feel as tho I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m not as intelligent as peers my age but I’m also not as unable to be independent as most disabilities.

Keep on fighting the good fight eventually things will get better

Last night u figured a little longer he be dead u didnt no if i was having a heart attack or apendice u didnt care at all. Karma an god gonna make u see ur wrong doings u were hoping i would die i ur all from nj too verry weird alot i new wouldnt recognize then but no the names some i do

Okay I have no clue who you are but are you okay

I’m off tomorrow can I come see you at work

Shure come on by and say hello how's your day been Alex just so I know it's you

will my boyfriend act different because of basic training in the marines? if so how do I handle it?

First off change your picture and have more respect for the man you love who's out here on this plant some where risking him life for his country and to fight for your freedom you don't deserve the type of man he is when your gonna sit here and show of your body and yes he will change in to a soldier capable of defending the country


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