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Ok lang ba na may kausap akong dalawang guy? Single naman ako hahaha

If you're already entertaining one then no.

"Kapag 20+ kana at virgin kapa ibig sabihin dimo pa naeenjoy buhay mo" Thoughts on this?

sex life ≠ enjoyment of life.

does it take time for u to fall in love or does it go fast for u

i'm demiromantic so it takes time for me to fall in love with someone.

hello, is it okay to break up your ka talking stage early in a most proper way. I just don't feel the energy of commiting in a relationship and I don't feel the spark yet but we exchange sweet messages. I Don't I'm confused. We're actually planning to have our first date.

It's best to confront them and say that you're not ready to commit rather than leading them on and paasahin sila.

Normal ba yung sumusunod ka sa gsto nya kahit di naman kayo? haha

depends, if yung gusto niya is not too much and doesn't cross one of your boundaries then i think it is.

copy and paste something from your notes app

my notes app only contains drafts and old poems, so have this.
'til death do us part, yet here we are, dancing amidst the epilogue of our very own story.
‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍
‍‍‍ perhaps you've already forgotten the past, for you to be swallowed easily by the abyss, cursed to the very end of the passing time, to fall in the chasm without an ending land for you to step on, your bones are the only thing that would remain in this upheaval land – is your end a punishment from the heavenly above us?

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