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yo bitches i miss all yall. ill be back on ask.fm on may 9th cuz thats cookes bday and i never forget it


i know im long gone with the oasis crew, etc. but id just like to say happy birthday to my wife cooke. i know her acc is deactivated but i still feel like i needed to acknowledge her bday. happy 16th? 17th? birthday cooke. i miss you :(
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that's sad I never thought that would happen rip

neither did i tbh hopefully someday she'll come online again but 4 now its w/e
thats sad I never thought that would happen rip
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its not even like we drifted bc of fighting or w/e i just dont have any way 2 talk to her :(
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I miss you so much laq, I've given my powers away for PayPal money because I haven't seen you on and I quit Xat ages ago.. I love you tell cooke i said hi

:( :( and i miss you too, and i wish i could tell cooke that u said hi :( i havent talked to her in months ;(
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will you go on cpps.me?

i guess i have no other choice to talk to my friends lol
and if u mean now no unless ur cooke
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I saw your fake ass "i miss you" and "rip mirai" asks...you don't fucking care though...it's an online friendship thats fucking dead. Dont act like you miss them.

ive had multiple dreams with the whole group with them and one ended up with me waking up crying because everyone in our group died and i was just alone. i think i care about the people ive spent almost 2 years talking to.
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ok who the fuck is hating on me on laqs ask now?? come off anon you little fuckhead

good luck trying to get that fuckface to get off anon lol
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I'm babysitting a couple kids for my moms friend she'll be home soon then take me home I'm EXHAUSTED

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u gone sleep when u get home?? if so :( but i get u
Im babysitting a couple kids for my moms friend shell be home soon then take me
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Opinons on Olivia :: Katie :: Morgan :: Luke :: Kyla :: Evelina

olivia: shes my british bitch. i give her a lot of shit, and make fun of her to no end, but i rlly do love olivia
katie: shes cool were not mega friends or anything but shes nice and stuff!!!
morgan: we've had our rough moments but i also really love morgan. shes so cute and so goofy.
luke: we dont hate eachother but i think he needs to chill with the bans holy shit
kyla: kylas perf!!! i wish she wasnt planning on quitting :(((
evelina: shes awesome and like i said in the last opinions im rlly happy shes back!!!!!!!
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opinion on me

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Ur so cute and so nice!!!!!! sorry i really didnt talk to u on imvu, i usually go on imvu for one reason (like talking to someone) then go off. but u cute and sweet and fdgjhfgkghdfk i miss u
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No matter what you done you deserve respect even if you make mistakes you loveable, doesn't matter about your looks, skills or age, your size or anything... Your worthwhile... no one can ever take that away from you.

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Opinions on JOJO :: Cooke : Eve : Hayden : Kristy : Carlie : Hailey : Tybone : Chai : Zack : Clown

Jojo: shes so nice and so sweet but shes never on anymore and i miss her a lot :(
Cooke: the most perfect girl ALIVE shes funny rad and my wife
Eve: she cool and im happy shes back on mirai!!!
Hayden: i used to be friends with hayden but we sortve parted bc we stopped talking
Kristy: ?
Carlie: she hates me so idk man
Hailey: idk her tbh
Tybone: hes cool i guess
chai: chais awesome!! chai helped me get unbanned
Zack (is this meant to be zack or zach? like nuketown or ?)
Clown: dumbest mexican you'll ever meet


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