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What kind of video cables would you recommend for SNES/N64/Gamecube?

I just bought the ones on trogdors stream, he has a link in his profile. Hopefully they're all the same but sometimes it varies cord to cord and it sucks. Sometimes you just gotta get lucky. Thankfully they're not super expensive

Hey are you ever gonna introduce to the stream that guy who's always walking around behind you during facecam? It's like you never acknowledge him ;)


What's something you're passionate about besides gaming?

Sports/athletics. I haven't been as much recently because my work schedule is so flip floppy that it's hard for me to keep a consistent sleep schedule, but while I'm in the process of moving it'll be a focal point of mine to get back into shape

Darn I only have 1 friend and he lives in a college dorm so thats kinda scary. Thanks anyways! In the situation I cant be on stream for a while good luck with RBO. Will 100% watch when i can of course.

Best of luck to ya with everything :> I'm sure things will turn out for the best~

Getting into constant fights with the parents and college is depressing me so I am planning on dropping out and leaving. Any advice on living alone/getting a job?

That's a tough situation. It's a tough thing to do if you haven't been preparing for it, you might have to hope you can rely on friends. I was homeless for awhile and ended up living with one of my best friends for almost 2 months until I figured something out

Are you inspired to speedgame more by other players, or by the games themselves?

Both! Can't really say one is more encouraging than the other. Getting into speedrunning was solely the game, but newer games have a little touch of both (aka fun game + friends learning at the same time)
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If one of your friends (i.e. one of the collective pals) was reverted back into a baby, and you had to raise them from infancy as your own, who would you choose?

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So for a while "Andy" was the second most bidded name for the Earthbound GDQ run... I don't suppose this is related to THE andy laso?

Nah the best runner of earthbound is andyperfect lol

have you ever made love to a thug in the club with the lights on? brand new fitted with a fresh pair of nikes on?

Dude every Tuesday night

Now that you've play IoG, are you considering learning the speedrun? Or is there another game you're planning on speedrunning?

I've played IoG more times than I can count. It's definitely a game I've considered at some point. Whether I will or not...only time will tell

Imagine- it's the day of the SGDQ zeldo/earthbound block. The speedsters keel over mid-run. "Our colons!" They scream. "Taco Bell betrayed us again!" but the night is not lost. Andy runs to the front, rips the Earthbound cart out of the SNES, and pulls out aLttP from his pocket. His time has come.


If another person's face had to be fused to the back of your head all Voldemort-style, and you get to choose who it was, who would you choose?

Probably Ivan's

You ever try to grow a beard? I feel like if you got past the "molestache" stage, it wouldn't look bad

Nah, I'm not a huge fan of it

I saw you post a bag of SNES button pads on Twitter awhile ago. Where did you get those?

I'm on phone so don't have link, just search snes replacement pads on eBay and a lot of 10 should show up
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yooo andy i just started learning Alttp and i had something weird happening with the boomerang it's not useful or anything but is this something new? or did you knew about it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTI4Bihl4RY

Yeah, if you throw boomerang same frame as you pick up the key, it's just stuck there and you can't use your boomerang until you screen transition lol. It's funny

Do you cringe when people give the whole "Let me join your group I have no friends spiel" or do you honestly feel sorry for them? Or are you just indifferent/ feel awkward when they post it in your twitch chat.

Depends upon the type of interaction I guess

If the only way to obtain meat and fish was by hunting animals yourself and they were not sold at the grocery store or market, would you hunt for your own meat and fish or would you go vegan?

I'd probably hunt. I like meat and the thrill of the hunt would probably be fun. But idk

ever watch gay porn, just to make it more of a challenge?

Lmfao no, I'm not man enough for that sorry

you should move to vermont. it's like maryland but colder

It's ok I'm taking half the Vermont population with me to Richmond

have you ever met naeglera? does he smell as bad as everyone says he does?

I've seen him around but never met I don't think? Idk lmao


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