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Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

To me it’s disrespectful asf, but my boyfriend also doesn’t check out other girls because we’ve talked about things both ways. :)

You scare me because I'm loyal until I look at you... ugh I want you so bad even if it's one night. Would you be down ?

Umm who are you

I hope you aint have a kid on me and think im supposed to raise it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

If you think I’m preggo, you’re really losing it and need to get a life buddy. 😘

Can there be someone who will know how to handle you?? Who can help change the way you react for the better??.

Probably not

We can’t be together because you’re too insecure

I don’t wanna be with anyone is why I’m not with anyone 😇


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