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these are so cringey but hi, i've unfollowed 205 people and you're left remaining, you're perfect and i follow you xo (sent to everyone i follow)

sofiagraceyy’s Profile PhotoSofia
Aw the fact you follow me though! x
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Hi. This is ask.fm people exposed, if you have anyone you want to expose (pictures, secrets etc) then share it with us, it can be anonymously or not, if you want to send pictures then link them, thanks! share around!

So what your asking is for me to basically be a dick to everyone?
Ok well,
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I'm just from plain old il, that's so cool that it from New York (Ur bio, I'm not creepy)

Aw I'm sure it's nice there! oh right haha

bored revising so i thought i'd do one of these, so yeah opinions on moi, (sent to everyone i follow) if you don't know me ignore this x

sofiagraceyy’s Profile PhotoSofia
Well I actually don't know you but I'm complimented that you follow me.
Oh and you're pretty. x
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I love you, shh don't tell Ur girlfriend. Also I probably live in a totally different state than you so it wouldn't matter

Aw that's cute! What state you from?

Oh never mind are you takin by any chance cause your super cute!!!

Never mind what? Yeah I am haha


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