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I feel like it might be better I give up on dating and having a family stuff. I feel like I’ll never be where I need to be to get the kind of person I want.

Don’t give up

You can’t reason with an idiot who seeks advice from others instead of talking it out like adults ..

True Grow up and talk it out

We stay up 8 hrs a day, and our schedules are strictly followed, That's how we keep our skin smooth and glowing!👽


Is PBS was truly racist they wouldnt have Levar Chimpton host Reading Rainbow since we all know the only time nggrs touch books is to use the paper to roll up their p0t


To think I stayed out of the life of my own choice, and to think that I may get 6ack in it 6ecause someone wants to play games instead of own up to their shadows. Even though Ive already illuminated their darkest sides, and still tried to offer my unconditional love to them anyway. What a mistake 🤡

Be for real… let me see

All I ever wanted was you in my life you were and are the most important person in my life. But I will leave you alone. Wish nothing but happiness to you

Pls telll me who this is…


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