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what's more important? forgiveness or acceptance?

owshtdoi’s Profile Photodoi
once you accept that there are things you have no control over with. that’s the time you heal and forgive those people who wronged you

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Anong mga cinoconsider mong redflag sa isang relationship?

- no respect
- don’t know how to communicate
- emotional abuse
- constant lying

hello, so i had to tell my friends na naka move on na ako sa ka-stituanship ko pero ang totoo is hindi pa talaga. do you think that's okay or no?

yes! at the end of the day you only have yourself. your life your choice.

I think I’m falling for this person, what shall I do to prevent myself from falling even more?

what are you afraid of?

Do you share your love life sa social media? Why? Why not?

don’t believe everything you see on social media. private life is a happy life.

bakit nakikipag break ang lalaki ng walang dahilan?

urjoyeng’s Profile Photojoy
boys will always be boys. bet on me… there’s another girl

How to end being in a situationship? Almost 9 months na kami sa ganito 😵‍💫

If ayaw nya ng commitment. Leave

What are the life lessons you learned about friendship?

friends will never be in a competition with you

Okay lang ba na iask ko partner ko kung pwede nya i-delete/i-hide yung mga posts at photos ng ex nya sa fb? Hindi ako komportable

you shouldn’t ask him in the first place. HE SHOULD KNOW

What are the two biggest lessons you’ve learned from your previous relationships?

1. Love yourself more
2. Don’t ignore the red flags

hello, is it okay to break up your ka talking stage early in a most proper way. I just don't feel the energy of commiting in a relationship and I don't feel the spark yet but we exchange sweet messages. I Don't I'm confused. We're actually planning to have our first date.

yep. mas okay ng malaman ng maaga before pa lumalim. I mean… so both of u won’t waste each other’s time

Normal ba yung sumusunod ka sa gsto nya kahit di naman kayo? haha

If the feeling is mutual bakit hindi. Hahaha

reasons why u avoid people even if they're nice to u

i don’t think there’s no reason i would avoid people not unless they did something bad


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