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Do y’all ever randomly get the urge to cry about people who you miss, whether they’re alive or not? I just want to bawl and was in the best mood. I felt the drop in my stomach I can’t explain 😕😕😕

All the time. Then you’re mad at yourself because you feel like you’re ruining a good night or like you’re ruining other people’s nights because of your grieving?

If I saw you in public and I wanted to be just your friend do you think we could be friends or would you look at me like I have shit on me?

Im always looking for new friends!

The more tattoos you have, the less cute but more rachetty or ghetto you look. Someone had to say it

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I personally think that anyone that comments on another persons body is a trashy, garbage human.

Why does a certain guy say that he isn’t attracted to me and only sees me as a friend but still opens up to me about his past and asks me personal questions?

He probably trusts you

Why do men like to cheat on their significant others? 😥

*boys. Boys cheat on their significant others. Men don’t do shit like that


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