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You call yourself “a strong woman” lol please you don’t know how to be a real person. You handled most of your problem by ghosting and going on road trips

Road trips? Lol

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I am supposed to be with you right now. We are supposed to be doing this together!! Why are you doing this?????


I'm the greatest. I have lots of money, nice cars, live in a mansion, picking up fine ladies so often and I'm very intelligent. What you gotta say about this?

I don’t care really

I did every single thing you asked of me. Everything. I have been loyal to you. I have been faithful to you. I have been honest with you. I even got u a tv & a phone. I am 100% ready to go with the relationship you told me you wanted to have with me. I am starting to think I got played.


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Say whatever you want about “just wanting to be with someone” but that’s a lie. You already were, but that’s not who got your attention. If you wanted to be with me at all, I would have been a priority in your life and it would have shown in the things you did.

Not sure who this is but I’m good. I have a boyfriend. Chances are you were not great either. Take your own inventory.

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I still love you, I’m not obsessed I’m just loyal can committed the way I want you to be. Will you call me, either way so I can tell you what you make me feel?

I changed my number

How tf to get out from the homeless shelter? Help, I’m hopeless 😩….

I’ve been homeless but it was from drugs. I can only helps if it’s from that


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