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Tbh ello good day mate! Well you are a great buddy and I miss you and your hilarious and your Instagram posts make my entire life :) I love you hahah come to facey Madison! I wanna see you again

Miss you tooo you pooo ! Text me sometime !!!

Would you prefer to have the power to fly or be invisible?

probably fly because i remmeber that one episode of spongebob where sandy became invisible but she got hit by a car

Imitate Brianna H.

*tells bad joke*
*laughs at it for ten hours*
*abuses me*
*gets mad at me*
*slaps me in the head*
*tells bad jokes*

What will you never do?

Anything involving spiders.
I will skydive without a parachute
I will jump into a tank full of sharks while I am bleeding
I will jump out of a fast moving car into oncoming traffic.
What I will not do is skydive with spiders
I will not jump into a tank full of sharks with spiders
I will not jump out of a fast moving car into oncoming traffic if there are spiders

Weren't u and Taylor Antoniuk best friends? Now I never see you two with each other?

stuff happens.. but we're still friends

If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?

Harry Styles
Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Why cant u tell us about the boy u like?

I can tell you about him:
He has brown hair and brown eyes and hes taller than me
But I'm not telling you who it is
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Do u prefer cherries or tomatoes? Tomatoes, tomotoes, potatoes, pototes? Walking on the beach or going to chucky cheese? Plz answer

I prefer Taryn
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