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What do you mean when you're hair's finished like what are you gonna do with it!?

I have to bleach it and then I'm putting the dye in it when summers over so my hair still has some dye in it from when I did the ends so yeah

favorite one direction song from each album

Up all night- moments
Take me home- rock me
Midnight memories- midnight memories
Four- spaces, act my age, and no control
And then drag me down from their new album.

T- tbh Mae ilysfm omg you're so gorgeous and you're so much fun to be with! I love hanging out with you and you always make things so much fun. W- we should hang out a lot more E- nope lol R- 10000 K- HUGSSSSS ❤️?

Lily Mahring
Thank you lily Ilysm we need to hang out a lot more this summer!!❤️
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tbh- you're a thot but I love you

It's cold outside but I'm still dressing like a thottie because a hoe never gets cold ily


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