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do you judge people who prefer going to cinemas alone, going to museums alone, or eating alone while in canteen

what? that's normal. it's not required may kasama lagi, that not good. depending on someone lagi.

Love or friendship? Which one would you choose to keep?

love. cause friendship will understand you for choosing love over them cause they know you have a life to live on and a family to build.
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should ur relationship be public on the internet?

there's nothing wrong on making it public in socials but with limitation. we all want a peace relationship, we all want seeing our favorite person is proud of having you and not denying you on socials.

Okay lang ba na iask ko partner ko kung pwede nya i-delete/i-hide yung mga posts at photos ng ex nya sa fb? Hindi ako komportable

You have all the rights

Hi. Is it cheating when I talk to random people? Talk only like casual, there's no flirt or what. But he doesn't know I talk to random people..


What are you up to? Any weekend plans? 💜

Work and school works. but if my bf is in the country maybe we are spending the weekends together 💖

are u a type of person who avoids arguments? why

I think yes. I don't know like parang tatahimik nalang ako kesa makipag argue if you will not accept my point and invalidate my feelings.

Would you struggle if you have a baby face at 27? Like napapagkamalan kang HS student, haha

Literally yes but Wala na magagawa kung ganon. if you act mature naman then that's okay.

What advice would you give someone who’s currently feeling lost right now?

I don't know but laban lang. we all have different problems and we all are emotionally and mentally unstable 🥹

26 y/o, never been in a relationship, never been on a date as well. Would you be pressured if you were in my situation?

I think yes? but if I accept the fact na if no one will come in my life then it is what it is.

bigyan nyo ko ng biggest what if

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What if kaya siya nag istay pa din sa relationship niyo Kase hinihintay niya lang bumalik ex niya sa kaniya.

anong favorite ben&ben song mo?

Kathang isip and pag tingin. not really fav. pinapakinggan lang.

sinong past time ang mag ask o magsagot ng question dito? is it stress reliever or causes more stress?🤣🤣🤣

It's my past time, however I feel like my opinion or thoughts are matter when I answered questions here. ykyk

how are u feeling currently

All I know I'm in pain but I can't just feel it. maybe I'm used to it..

Ano ang pinakagusto mong ginagawa kapag weekends or holidays?

Wala. Nasa work pa din ako niyan. :)

do u think LDR works?

To be honest, it depends on you talaga but mostly opinion ng mga tao dyan is Hindi siya mag wowork. Okay let's face the reality that LDR will not last long if trust is not there. if your love language is physical touch and quality time. You feel na there's something missing part in you.

Do u look down on people whether Teenagers Senior Citizens if wala silang jowa or asawa u look down on them? Kase superior yung may jowa o asawa?

I don't. It's hard to find someone who will stay by your side through ups and downs. It's also hard to fix your life to be able to survive living, to be able to have someone and to be mentally strong.

as you got older you realised?

People will use you without you realizing it. The reality will slap you hard. there's no fairytale.

ayos lang bang i-date ng kaibigan mo yung ex bf/gf mo? yung totoo ah. wag pa-showbiz char

Hindi. Where's the respect? haha.

Is it a red flag if he’s not active on fb and ig?

Green flag. but mostly people na ganyan is mysterious and serious type of person, and not enough time to do something that they don't give a fck.

Ilang taon na kayo? Bakit feeling ko ambabata nyo and I am too old to be on askFM at 32? Haha

Nasa 20's lang ako haha. Everyone can use this app naman. No age limit 😆


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