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your badass on the mat. you have any tips so i can be a better wrestler like you?

Keep you're head up, eyes on your opponent at all time. Be confident be ready for everything. Always have a backup plan. Just never give up, never stop attacking. Don't let anyone put fear into you're heart??

What do u loook for n a gurl

Well tbh if u ask any guy this question they are all gonna give you the "I want a girl with a nice personality" cuz every girl wants to hear that and it's just a basic answer. Soo I would look for a girl who is sweet & funny & isn't afraid to be a bitch to me at times, I don't want a quiet girl, I want an energetic funny personality girl. I want her to show me off to her friends cuz I'd show her off so much to mine✊?& if she plays sports, shit, she's mine?????
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Why can't Abby be your girl? You guys are perfect dude please

I don't think she likes me & I feel like I blew things when I had the chance


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