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now (M) now. riddle me this (O). what is blue, (R) yellow, and white, (N) but is red when well (E) fed?

I'm not sure, what is blue, yellow, and white, but is red when well fed? And while your at it wtf is morne

ok mate scenario time: if someone came up to you in public and slapped you, hower would your be if reacter? morne?

What.. um idk probably be pretty confused and pissed off and try and get away from them

so are you more of a cat person or a dog person or are you just a total gaijin eeeeewwwwwww!

Well I prefer dogs to cats, but I am also a foreigner but not necessarily a gaijin...

Do you give money to people who come up to you in the streets and ask for it?

I don't have any money to give but it really depends on the situation. I have in the past on the odd occasion.

To the person being a dick about 100 days of happiness, maybe you should actually look at the website!

Ooooooh no no no no, that requires far too much effort for them i'm sure. They'd rather go out of there way to put me down for doing it.

Don't fret your affection, give her an infection, put on some protection on that erection.

Yes two statements 1 and 3, not so much 2 buddy. Keep that infection to yourself!

Ok so you claim this happy days is about getting out and doing something every day? So playing pokemon and putting biscuits on your dogs head is counting as doing something significant with your day?

You've obviously never tired putting biscuits on a very hungry dogs head, it's pretty challenging, haha. What I don't understand is why you give a shit? How does it affect you if I upload some pictures. I laughed and smiled whilst attempting to line biscuits along my dogs snout, it made me happy which is what #100HappyDays is about? And what's wrong with playing pokemon? I drove my dad to the doctors and while I waiting I sat at a cafe and played some pokemon, it was pretty awesome.

hey man say you have this girl you liker and she dislikes you quite a bit. Would you just back off or keep trying, i'm really lost right about now. morne?

If she dislikes you that much I think that's a sign it's not going to happen mate

thankyou mattwe. sorry for my bad english though or. I am from another contry so my english is the second language. However, I've come to terms with my aesthetics being valued as inferior in a pretentious society. I choice to be the happy in all days I because why cannot accept it all in vain morne?

You welc alway am being here tew halp

What is your dream girlfriend? Be specific.

I'm a sucker for a beautiful smile, I love smiles. Be great if she was an outdoorsy sort of girl who would enjoy camping and hiking with me. Genuine and kind you know :)

hey thanks for the advo i thinko i'm done, i think i'm happy again. Your were right all along, happiness is are choicer and it's a choice that i or can take. But my mind were always go back to my son no matter hower much i tryed to forget, he got the steamrollered. he gotter a squishered

Sorry your son gotter a squishered

I don't think happiness is a choice in a lot of cases. A person who is being bullied cannot choose to be happy and suppress those feelings. It's unhealthy. I'm talking from experience.

Well, also talking from experience, I was terribly bullied and one day I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself "Fuck my hair looks good i'll never be able to replicate it, if I get bullied today that's bullshit because I look so cool" and, of course, I was still bullied and I simply made the choice to stop letting it bother me. I can't tell people to do that because it may not work as simply for them. I by no means suppressed the feelings I just brushed them off my shoulders. You have the choice to be happy if you want to put the effort in.

I always get picked on for being overweight and for being an underground gamer. i try to ignore them and they think I do, but deep down it does get to me. how can be happy I if being or an underground gamer as an overweighter morne.

I don't really understand the last question but hey happiness is a choice man. It's up to you to do what you have to do to be happy. There is nothing wrong with enjoying video games at all and there is nothing wrong with your body size. If you yourself feel like you aren't at the weight you want to be then it's okay to want to change and it's healthy to think that. Don't beat yourself up about it because then it will just get worse. If you want to make a change you have to make the commitment and if you can, get some of your friends to help motivate you and keep you on track. A quote I saw just the other day was "Whether you are president or a dish washer has no bearing on your happiness. happiness is a choice." and I think that's pretty accurate. The richest, most powerful person in the world can still be miserable if they choose to be.

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sometimes i dance or masturbate to express my soul, it's what keeps me sane and keeps me happy. How do you express your soul?

I dance and masturbate at the same time, it's invigorating!

hey thanks man, i know this is just ask fm but i feel better knowing that someone is there to cheer me up, just wish my boy didn't get squashed.....

I'm sorry you lost your dog, I hope you aren't too upset about it and you feel better about it soon.

had a boy once..lost him, had a dog once.. lost it, i don't even fucking care anymore..FUCK! ahhhh FUCK

I know the feeling of both losing a loved one and a pet, which is just the same as losing a loved one. Death and loss makes room for new life and new beginnings. Are you okay?

I think you are lovely. You kept my head up when I was down and I have some of the best memories with you. I'll never forget how much you did for me, and I hope you live the life you always dreamed of.

Thank you :) You still mean the world to me and I will always love you

For example, that #happydays shit just makes you seem like you are trying to convince yourself and everyone around you that you're the happiest person ever. Really it just makes you seem like you are desperate and bored and sad out your mind.

Just have a look at what I said the reason I am doing the #100HappyDays for earlier...

Is having a lot of money something you'd love to have or is it something you'd avoid?

Of course if I had the opportunity to make a lot of money I would never pass it down because the simple fact is we need money to survive, I wouldn't blow it all away though on stupid cars and big houses. I'd use it in the best way I could.

When you put 100 Happy Days like that, it sounds like a good idea and something I should probably do.

Hahaha yeah man, posting photos isn't going to cure the world of depression or anything but definitely gives you a kick up the butt to not lounge around every day of the week.

If I am being completely honest here, I think you're a pseudophilosipher/pseudoscientist. You talk about things that don't really matter or things that we already know. Look up some real philosophers like Nietzsche or George Carlin and see what you think.

I hardly think I talk about things that don't really matter. The subjects i've spoken about recently have included things like equal rights, a system to stop online sexual predators, protecting our national heritage parks, animals that are under threat of complete extinction, I also attended the march in march to show a lack of trust in the Abbott Government. I think those topics are pretty damn important, and not enough people are aware of what's happening or they are and just choose to ignore it. But thank you I will check them out.

I don't know you in person but from what I have seen over facebook you seem like a nice enough guy. You just come across as though you are trying really hard. Its almost like you have a set image of the person you want to be in your head and everything you say is fake.

I'm sorry it comes off that way, i'm sure if you talked to me then you would see that i really am just a nice guy. Everything I say or do is true to who I am, I can promise you that i'm not striving to be someone i'm not because if you did know me you would know I have absolutely no clue of what I want to do or where I will be in the next year. Sorry you see me that way.

100 Days of Happiness is a stupid idea. What is it meant to do? How is it going to solve all your problems? There are some things in this world that will never be fixed and they affect you from as soon as you wake up until you go to sleep. But I want to hear your opinion on the matter.

It isn't supposed to fix all of my problems in any sense. For me it's helping to force me to try and do something each day rather than sit on the sofa. It's a cool concept I think, it's definitely helping me :)

I think that other person is just trying to find a way to put you down. You are an opinionated person and you stand by your opinions, I respect that. Keep doing what you are doing and stay true to yourself. If it bothers people they aren't worth waisting your time with.

There will always be conflict. Thank you that's very nice of you to say.

I think it's important that you know that i'm not saying these things to have a go at you or anything. I think your heart is in the right place with your opinions, but you'd change the mindsets of a lot more people if you portrayed your beliefs in a more compassionate way. Luv ya like a brother sexy

I respect your opinion and i'll gladly take it into consideration.

What do you do with your time these days?

Nothing really in particular. I'm still actively job hunting and whilst doing that I'm just hanging out at home and with my friends really. Staying happy.

I don't think you assume you're always right. But you thought it was right to disagree with an observation of you. A self-perception can be wrong, therefore it's wise to listen to others sometimes. Sometimes your opinions sound aggressive and forced. Just think about it. An unbiased observation.

I'm obviously going to defend my honour and disagree with your opinion on me if I believe it's not who I am. I'm sorry but I don't think my self-perception is wrong in any way, i'm pretty sure of myself and I think that's how it should be. I'd rather be sure of who I am and like what I see in myself than be the extremely self conscious person I used to be, i've bettered myself not by changing who I am but by changing how I see myself. I will accept that you think my opinions sound aggressive and forced and I will take that into consideration next time.

Sometimes you can be wrong about something without realizing it. It's called delusion, and it's those outside of your head that see it before you do.

I completely agree with you. I'm not sure why you would think I assume I am right about everything? If you could point out a situation where I blatantly disregarded someones opinion and thrusted mine forward saying it was 100% right and they were wrong. That would be cool if you could do that because maybe I was intact delusional, but I have to say I doubt it because like I said I don't like telling someone they are wrong unless I am certain on the facts, and even in that case I am saying the facts are right not myself for simply repeating them.

It often seems as if you are the one trying to force your opinion down peoples throat by using the aggressive language. Doing that only makes those who oppose you, want to oppose you even more and gives them more reason to refrain from supporting your opinion, so it only seems pointless to argue it.

I'm sorry but, obviously, i'm going to have to disagree with you. It also comes down to whether the person I am debated with is making an educated argument or not. Unless I know the solid facts, I will never directly tell someone that they are wrong and I am right.

Sometimes when you express your opinion on Facebook you use a lot of emotive and aggressive language, when you do that, a lot of people turn off. Being more diplomatic and well mannered about your opinions would have them make more of an impact, otherwise it's just another angry person ranting.

I can understand that and I think the reason I do that is because I'm passionate about what I am talking about and that shows through my language. I think it is vastly better than the people opposing me having to use common swear words to try and force their opinion down my throat.

Where can you see yourself in 20 yrs time? In the rat race or free from that...

As much as i'd love to say I see myself completely free from the rat race and liberated from modern society i'm just not sure if it's that easy anymore. I definitely intend to do what I want in regards to studying and work based on happiness rather than thinking economically. I hate money with a passion but like everyone else I still want it because of course without it I couldn't live or do the things that I want to. I'm going off the question a bit so in short I don't think I will ever be free from the rat race unless I go live in a tent somewhere, growing and foraging food, but I refuse to be a product of society.

You are really intelligent, and i like how you view things from a different perspective

Wow thank you :) I try to form an educated opinion and stick to it but I love to debate those opinions with people, and i'm always open to hear other perspectives and learn from them.

You are weird

Whether you meant that as a complement or not, that's honestly something i'm okay with being told so thank you :)

What sort of a career would you like to pursue?

I'm really not sure. My absolute passion is travel and nature, national park guides seem like a cool job but not as a career. I really have no idea what jobs are out there. If you know of anything I'd love to here it so I could actually have something to work towards haha.

What would your top ten things to do before you are thirty be?

In no particular order:
1. Travel travel travel travel travel
2. Fall in love
3. Find some kind of career based on the things I love

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