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How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

In a mirror ?? Probably not too much. Check my phone a lot tho aha
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What role does television play in your life and the life of your family?

As a source of entertainment ? Aha
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Did you know that 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance with geico ?

Everyone knows that.

i have to agree with whoever wrote that.. he is so nice sometimes but such a bully other times. when hes upset or something he has no filter...


Tell Jarrods friend dylan he is a bully on social media... its actually so offensive some timees.. he obviously is trying to hurt someone. Such a poor example of a man. Ive met him and thought he was nice but checked him out and not feeling the same.

Well sometimes emotions get the best of people. He's a good guy. You don't have to look at his media, and if you have a problem you could just go tell him yourself.

Maygen you are amazing, beautiful and I love , love , love your family !. Think you and jarrod are really cute together.

Awe thanks dude :) love em!

If you could change one thing about Ask.fm what would it be?

Bullying. It's actualy rediculous the questions people ask people or how much bashing there is :/

whats the nicest thing anybody has done for you or given you?

My boyfriend gave me an slr camera for Christmas...... That was pretty amazing :o but people have also done crazy nice things for me in the past

Who is the guy with jarrod all the time at the gym??? Ihes such a immature asshole. Is it jarrods brother?

No? It's his buddy. I don't think he's an asshole.

are you going to the country concert in pei this summer ?

OMG !! I want to so bad. I have it requested off for work, I just desperately need a place to stay! :)) so excited!

love doesnt go away, you will always love someone yourve been with especially if its been 3-4 years. you guys seem to be going strong. Ive known people who have been together for many years broke up and years later are back :)

Yeah I guess :))

Love is about not giving up, there may be a break but if you love someone even if its been months or years you will find each other again so dont worry :)

Thanks :) my boyfriend and I are fine.. It's just something I've experienced before and it was horrible .

where do you want to live when your older and settled down?

Dunno. I'd be happy anywhere :)) as long I'm with the right person

who do you think is the prettiest of you and your sisters lol

Not me aha ! Amanda is absolutely stunning, looks a lot like me but still has a lot of ky in her. And Kyra is beautiful, she has unique features -- she's looks like a Greek beauty!

your sisters are so pretty like you !! and funny as hell , you guys are awesome :)

Awe thank you !!!! I love them. We are retarded

who are you best girl friends and guys friends?

I have a lot of close friends!! But Anna , Steven and my boyfriend Jarrod of course :)


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