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I'll Miss You More Than You'll Ever Care To Know

Why will u say that? If u miss me why have u not tell

I'm just hanging out with 2 fine ladies at my mansion. Are you jealous?

I can be jealous of someone that doesn’t tell me his name

I'm the greatest. I have lots of money, nice cars, live in a mansion, picking up fine ladies so often and I'm very intelligent. What you gotta say about this?

I don’t care about your money or cars

If you meant even one of the sentences you wrote to me or said to me then What. Are. You. Waiting. For? I'm right here. I've been right here waiting for you.

That nat true , u never call or nothing u forgot about me

Honestly after taking you back from the 3 times you disappeared to be in this position again I blame only myself. You still have not the slightest clue or maturity to recognize when where and what you have done.


Do you think I was in love you? Like I really wanted only you and nobody else in the world would do, just you were my fantasy, my future, my all?

That’s not a question for me that’s a question for you , you have to answer

my trust has been broken, now constantly my mind is swirling with negative thoughts. idk if I can trust them ever again. I’m not one to forgive or forget. Wat do I do?

Im sorry🥺


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