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Yay. I'm gonna kill you, have sex with your body, then cut you into pieces and eat you. (~;

Don't threaten me with a good time...

do you really think zimmerman is innocent?

i think they are both guilty , both sides did something they shouldent have done that night.

have you ever been so pissed at someone that...that even murder sounded acceptable

nah i'm too nice for that.

Handsome can't describe how amazing looking your face is. But yea, I like your face more k? K. Asdfghjkl; You're perf and I love you. <3

Erieberrie’s Profile PhotoErin Knight
omfg i love you so much babe<3

You have a gf and didn't tell me? You little fucker. What's her name?

not exactly gf yet i have to talk to her parents cause they don't like me or somthing but its erin....

you've seen me at the harbor, i hope to see you there this weekend.

I don't go to the harbor i'm 16 i have way better things to do than hang out with middle schoolers, why don't you take yourself of anonymous?

you short racist fuck. i'd like to hear you say that around me. i'm 5'11 and 160. talk shit get hit.

Lolol ok where are you?

What happened to that girl you went out with that you took to homecoming last year?

Wtf that was 6 months ago

I could go on for the longest time, and it's surprising to even me since I haven't known you that long. I guess I'm trying to say, that there is another person falling for you. I really, really, really like you. I think I might already love you..

Fuck. im dead ok.
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Imagining seeing you in a few weeks, being able to hug you for the first time, seeing your face up close. It makes me continent, forgetting all my other problems, I feel 'good'. I honesty want to talk to you about everything. But I can wait for when I see you.

this is making my day even more ok.
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I want to add on to what the other person said. You really are special, looking at your face creates electricity in my veins. Your face simply entice me, I could look into your eyes and drown into a crystal blue lake. The thought of you thinking about me comforts me, it enchants me.

oh my god<3
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