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no i have been tricked into buying alot of dumb stuff because of bad trades like when my little bro Isaiah nearly sold me some slippers that he got.for 10 dollars and i almost gave him 25 dollars but i looked em up and then i was lie you dumb mutha fucka

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Hahahaha, oh wow. Your stories are always interesting.

ugh yeah no my dad would think im playing soccer therefore no but i do have low cut addidas football cleats that are extremely lowcut and are brand-new marron and white

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Nahhh, that won't do the job. Sorry pal, deal or no deal?

Are u really homeschooled?

YES! If you go to my school, and don't see me in school anymore, you'll know the reason why I'm not there. Damn, stop asking.


Because I was cursed, and the curse was that I am never allowed to leave my house...so now I have to be homeschooled. I'm not allowed to leave my house for the rest of my life.

What do you think Ask.fm has, that no other site has?

Drama, no entertainment, bullshit, has no point......
Why the hell am I even here?

U said you would give me ur pineapple

Yeah, an actual pineapple dumb fuck. You're disgusting and have a sick mind, I'm going to put bleach on the pineapple I'm sending you.

U will be obsessed with this game if u play it and u won't be able to feel anything

You won't be able to feel anything, after I smack you across the face with my computer. I'm not playing a game that's supposed to be for 3-year-olds.


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