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When the teacher leaves what song do you play in your ears

One of those nights- juicy j ft the weekend
Or good kush and alcohol <3

What is one thing your parents allowed you to do that you would never let your kids do?

My parents don't let me do shit, so......

Did you post those things on Helisse's ask? About her being a freak and saying she makes her own fan pages? Because it made her very depressed. And she still is.

I have better things to do then to talk about helisse's self-made fan pages. Sorry

Why does Justin J spell his name like Jay-J?

1. I didn't know he spells his name like that.
2. Why don't you ask him :P

why do u ack different when you are with makiela

um idk it depends on who you are/ what you're talking about. Kik me?

dude. who's your fav locker neighbor. well there's only a few that aren't freaks... I seriously need to get duct tape or some shit doe.

love ya Kendall

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