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'ASK' has just robbed me of coins, taking me to below MINUS 4K ! - WHY? - Do you know or guess why? (no recent answers removed. Many people have paid for those coins. This is criminal theft!

I care not

Name 3 wrestlers with the word “The” in their title! You can’t use “the Rock”

The Undertaker, The Red Rooster, The Missing Link

And that, more than anything else, is why Labour voters like you is so terribly, unforgivably stupid 😠

Good thing I don’t vote Labour

Why do men think it ok to get what they want from woman intimately then leave and ghost her completely losing all contact?

Google it

@je9338: it's much more complicated than this @natecrooner1 , but this you and the rest of Britain are Jew loving people who was enabled by a terrorist politicians to remove a righteous Hammas army and i would stand up to Zionism. Fall in the hands of allah

je9338 its much more complicated than this natecrooner1  but this you and the

@Lix: Get people like you who thinks a medal is not enough (which I agree with) then you get the comment that said they feel the medal of horor is givin out to easy 😑



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