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You secretly love me :) you look forward to my call tomorrow 😉😘

Oh believe me I will 👌🏻

Dude were you wearing a bra?

In HSM? I wore one to a couple of practices but not in the actual show lol

You should come see High School Musical this weekend at the FCHS PAC. It is at 7 on Friday and Saturday. It is at 3 on Sunday. There is a $5 admission. Hope to see you there! 😌

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If you know why do you act that way. You can be a really nice guy when you want to be.

How would you know?

Tbh• you crack me up all the time in second block. You're a pretty swell guy, and I'm glad we've become better friends this semester.

Thanks buddy! And you're pretty swell yourself
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You know I would have totally let you take me to prom but don't have money for a pretty dress so I'm kinda just keep dreaming. Hopefully when I'm ready for prom someone as cute and talented like you will ask me 😛😍

Thanks, that means a lot! I'd be okay with my date wearing a garbage bag tbh. Prom is pretty superficial and the only thing that actual matters is having fun lol

Don't even bother asking you know who to prom she would be an idiot, shes probably not intrested & she'd have to be really stupid to go with someone like you :-)

I'm not allowed to go with anyone anyway I discovered today


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