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Would you live at Florida or would you live at California

FL , California ain’t all what people make it out to be and I don’t even gotta go there to know that

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There’s this really pathetic guy in my inbox that wont take no for an answer to seeing my t*ts. Keeps demanding.

Is he ugly ?

Say something to your followers

It’s been a long time and I was a very lost and confused person when I was on this. Take everything on here with a grain of salt lol. I’m 24 now and have learned a lot since I’ve been on here. I’m disgusted with most of the things I’ve said or done, and I hope people know now that I’m not that person anymore.

Bc you think you're hot shit but you're not

um I really don't I only stick to myself and only fuck with one person and that's ilissa and the rest are school friends literally don't even show up to the movies or even parties for that matter it's me myself and I and if ur judging that off of my ask I haven't been on this or answered questions in about a year , shits changed since then haha
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Racist fucker

how am I being racist? all I said was their isn't much black skin people at Douglas bc that's what the person was asking, I don't have anything against dark skinned people. I was totally in love with one before so fuck off :)

About how many black people would you say

idk, there just isn't many and if there is they're usually the black people that act white kinda thing

Did u quit smoking

I still do it at times but I can't do it as often bc I'm on accutane and it said I should avoid herbs and weed is a herb plus the fact that weed makes acne worse
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