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Kapag ang lalaki nangungulit ng gift sayo kahit hindi niya kaarawan means?

It is as it is ☻ The best thing to do is just stop overanalyzing

Would you rather Sleep right now or Eat chocolates?

Sleep right now! Time check, it's already 1:02 am. I am in dire need of a decent sleep huhu for people like me who find it hard to fall asleep on time, it's a luxury

Chicken Wings or Legs?

Am I the only one who hates the texture of the leg meat? Hehe I go for the wing — and breast

the purpose of praying is not to solve your problems or grant your wishes - it is to accept God's will into you and iba will ni God sa gusto ng tao. a cancer patient can still die no matter how hard he or she prays

Yes, I agree. The Lord is more concerned about our spirituality above all else; and that could mean granting us eternal healing over the physical one

What song are you listening right now? 🤔

Literally, none, but I’ve been feeling the Umaasa by Calein and Mahika by TJ Monterde lately hehe yes, OPM
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how's your future plans?

JJ9xie’s Profile Photojj ᵕ̈
I've understood even more that all is temporary on earth. Thus, my focus has shifted onto the intangible and becoming a better individual; with that I mean, being a kinder person day by day through God's grace
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Apple Music or Spotify?

Spotify, especially when you are covered by your sister’s premium family subscription — free of charge

your thoughts on being friends with an ex?

Friendship is still possible but set parameters and strictly follow. Cross the line once, twice is near. Do it thrice then it is unstoppable so better not

Don’t leave your coffee for too long, and then be surprised why it’s cold🥶

When that coffee is your heart. I know, we all know

I wanna read books but don't have money to buy some

Do you have specific books in mind? For physical books, you may opt to borrow from a public library, reach out to an organization that promotes reading or someone you know who shares the same passion as you and has some books to lend. For digital books, there are free and legal copies available online. I hope you’d never let any adversity stop you from living your life to the fullest. I know it’s hard when reality hits us right in the face but please remember, there’s hope. God bless you ♡

paano kung humiling ka sa isang diwata na gumanda para may kadate sa valentines day kaso hindi daw kaya ng powers niya sa sobrang panget mo? pano na?

Hindi na kailangan humiling kasi wala nang hihilingin. Thank you, next

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