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in the middle of February I have to leave for work. I will be away for a week. I've to go in Taiwan

Have fun ^^

Today (Saturday) in the 1st part of the day shopping (foods for next week), in the evening with friends. Tomorrow I'll go on the snow with other friends. I live near mountains. Do you know Monte Bianco (White Mountain) in Italy? We will go hiking in the mountains.

Happy trip ^^

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I'm fine, thanks. Now I'm at work. It's 2.35PM in Italy. But this'd tha last day (working day) of this week 😉

Have a nice weekend ^^

Good evening. How are you. What have you done today?

Thanks . Today , l go to get vaccinated against covid . ^^

Work too, but in the evening pizza with a friend. Just to decide if we'll eat at home or at restaurant.

It's sound interesting

Are you lost or confused by my words? If you have doubt and don't like to be pursued by me, please, tell me honestly.


Now I cannot say that I love you, but I'm sure that you are so sweet and I like you. You've all characteristics that I have always searched in a woman (young, Asian, sympathy)

Thank you

It's hard to read I can't imagine. Why you wrote that. For your irrelevant (my opinion) problem? You was sincere and told me. I told you that I'm not too. May be that I'm too old for you. I'm 56yo, but I'm still active and I love young girls like you, and your face is so sweet.

I haven't imagine , and i don't know why you love me .

How you imagine your future? Alone or with a man and children near you?

I can't imagine but i hope i will marry with a man who love me and i will have children near me

And in Europe women can do questions to a male, so, if you have questions, let do without problem

Ok , i will ask you when i have questions

Men like marry virgin. And if a girl isn't. She never marry or she has a possibility? May I ask where you live? City or village...just to find in maps

She will marry with a men who accept her . Hanoi city , capital of Vietnam

Ok, and I appreciate your honesty. Is so essential to be virgin for a girl in your country?

Yes , in my country , man like marry with virgin

May I ask you confidentially if you have sex regularly and if you enjoy having sex? I like it a lot and I always try to please my partner of the moment

Vietnamese woman don't like to talk about sex , remember ^^

Not virgin. That's all. Where's the problem? In Europe many girls loose they verginity at 13 or 14 yo. Do you think that this is a problem for me? I'm not virgin too, if you want to know. I had my first experience with a girl at 13yo. She was 17yo

I just want to have no secret with yoh

May I do a personal question? You can also tell me you don't want to answer. You told me you are 30 and single. Have you ever been engaged?

No , I haven't . I loved a boy who studied with me at high school but he don't love me . There are some body later but we just be friend ^^

Do you get bored sometimes when you work? What do you do when you are bored?

Yes ofcause . I used to listen to music

We're just came back from Christmas holidays and I've really few work to do. And I've done all. Next week I'll be in holidays.

Enjoy your holidays

Are you still at work or at home? I'm still and bored at office...

I work at home . Tell me why you feel bored

I'm a technician. Actually I work at quality department of a factory of electronics test equipment.

I guess it's interesting job . Are you married ?


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