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Hello Ma'am, I admire your poets, i have relationship trust issues for a long time and this hasn't been helpful as i experience difficulty in solidifying a relationship due to minor doubts, I need your advise on resolving this, How do I know my partner is trustworthy to the altar? thanks

You would need to work on yourself first. They say the first step to resolving a problem is admitting you have one. Good thing you know what the problem is. Now you have to start figuring out what caused the distrust.

hi toni, i'm fetty,an artiste. first off, you are real pretty. I want to know how you became this famous. i would like to follow your instagram handl so i can keep up with you. mine is #semibadboi

lol.. I am not sure either.. haha

truly allergies are made on you past years! does that reduce the level of your fans compared to other celebrities? do you have any bad feelings for those that accepted the story? cos some weeks ago you called a fan of yours doubters on instagram! the way you act as if love can be erased 100 percent?

I am not sure. Personally I prefer people to like me for me and not just for association so what they heard or did not hear should not matter if the reasons are right.

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Hello ma, I follow your blog and I really respect and believe in your brand. I am a writer too and would like to do my internship with you my twitter handle is @Myloudthought. Looking forward to your reply thank you ma.

aww thank you. I am currently not offering any internships but I do mentor so feel free to email me anytime..

So you mean to tell me I will pay for you to do an appreciation poetry for my online lover. No problem. How much? Her name is Toni Payne

haha well since she is my namesake. I can offer you a discount.. Funny you

Graduated with a 3rd class engineering but no job for like 4years now just cheap commision marketing job dat takes care of feeding & t-fee which have left And am fustrated with no hope to upgrade my career. Pls am asking can I still achieve my dream and can u be of asistance to get a job

Yes you can. One thing I know about life is a hopeless situation can change for the better within days. Just keep pushing and try and network more within the field you studied. You never know who u will meet that will be a helper to you. Best of Luck

Can you do a love appreciation poetry for me to my online lover? I will give you her name if you say yes

for free? hehehe its gonna cost you buddy... lol

huh madam payne!! i understand what i write and what i truly mean! seems u dont gat me right,Bur if i stop smoke wont change nuting in ma life! for me jus think time hasnt come yet to deal with woman, thats the code!! i need a specific word of advice from u?! Mah Payne share yo thought wit mi!!

It seems you already know what you want so do you and leave ladies alone.

I know my neighbours husband brings his mistress to their bed. I'm itching to tell her. Should I?

See Gobe.. I do not know how close you and your neighbor are so I am not sure if its your place to do such..

I have been crushing on you since 2010. I normally tweet you but you don't always reply. If I tweet you, will you follow for a dm? I love you and I am sure of it.

Thanks I am flattered. I doubt you love me as we have never interacted before. I do my best to reply all my @ mentions, I apologize if I missed yours.

I have two job offers and I do not know which to choose. One is what I love but pays less, the other pays more but I am not crazy about it. I need the extra money even if it is not a big difference in pay. Which should I go for?

I say go for the one you are more passionate about if there is room for growth. You have to think about the future and what you stand to gain overall.

I'm not anonymous o, its my village people that didnt let my name show. How do I stop my vullage people from doing me?

hahaha maybe you need to sign in to ask the question..

I am the lady who commented on your post about sex on the first date. I said I married a man I slept with on the first date. Just want to say you are doing a good job.

Thank you!. Glad it worked out for you.. One Love!

Hello Ms Payne, I have an artiste that I manage, I'll like for you to hear some of his music and share your thoughts. tadelasgiidi.com

Its always better to email me such.. thanks hun

shey you know I have come to disturb yoy again shey?. ehn ehn.. I have not seen the Aso-ebi for that carribean wedding o.

hahahaha why are you anonymous here naa.. Its coming soon..lolzz

hey Madam good afternoon!! just need a word of advice , about life,success, relationship, i had Girlfriend bur i just dont know wat's happening ? sumtime we had a feeling n chance to speak wit her , bur i didnt take it serious the way she want it! Bur i smoke weed most of di time brings alt on ma HD

Afternoon!.. Had? Im assuming that means you no longer have one. Your question was a bit incoherent so I am not sure how to even answer you but from the little Iv gathered Ill say, stop smoking weed, communicate your girl, go and be a good boy.. hope that helps.

1.have u ever experience a bad day ever since u are born to this earth 2.do u have any feelings for the poor in your country?3.do you have kids for ur ex husband 4.are u engaged with another man presently now 5.have you ever lied ?

1. Yes
3.Kid(s)? kid yes
4. No
5. Yes

Don't have any question, just wanna tell u that u are a great woman and I love Ur story: illicit neighbour. Can you pls write another

awww thank you. Yes because of people like you and all the encouragement Ive been getting I plan to write more.. Just check back on my website or twitter often

Yes I agree , but I realy love them both, at a time dt the first one messed up I fould the other and fortunately I found myself fallin inlove with the first girl, so I told the both of them to give me a break, because they are both aware of eachoda, am really in a fix

Guy! You can't possibly love two women equally.. I think you should give yourself a break to think about what you really want and free one to move on with her life

Presently am in love with two women, and the both women have proved beyond all doubt that they are real and ready to settle down, what should I do? Sincerely the two ladies are great

first of all, you shouldn't be double dating and 2. I seriously doubt you genuinely love them both equally. The end result of what you are doing is someone getting hurt. Better you fix it now, choose the person you have the most in common with and allow the other party move on peacefully.

Any opinion about sex on the first date?

I wouldn't advise it..Sex is always better with a deep emotional connection to the other person and that seldom happens in one day..


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