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Hey, I love your style! Where do you usually get your clothes from? :)

Thank you so much dear! :) hmmm basics from places like editor's market, h&m, Zara, pull and bear? Outerwear/others from blogshops like thescarletroom.com, younghungryfree.com, modparade.com and wardrobemess.com. And I shop at Far East plaza too! Shops like myth, envisage, Zhoppetizer, xqwizit, rough7, a lodge, lacquar to name some.Doesn't matter where, just look for clothes in neutral/dark colours and look out for interesting details and different textures/fabrics xx happy shopping!

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what are some hacks you use to see ur partner during this cb?

The only hack is in your hacking cough if you get covid-19 and almost die. STAY AT HOME LA GAN.

Would you mind sharing the tour guide number for japan? I'm going japan soon too :)

Of course not! :) You can contact Takada at +81 8019574988! Enjoy your holiday yeah and feel free to ask me questions if anyth crops up

Hello! You have a tour guide when you visit Japan? :')

Hi! :) yeah my aunt hired a private tour guide cause she wanted us to have someone to show us around and yet sort of tailor-make our holiday at the same time.

Hi where are your tattoos at on your body? :)

Hello! :) my wrist, forearm and side of my rib/side boob area LOL.

Do either Ryan or you drive when you guys go out for dates? :)

I'm the only one with the license but I'm too scared to drive :( so for now we just take public transport hahah

What's the love story with your boyfriend! How did YALL meet get tgth?! You guys a really sweet #relationship goals

Hi! :) Awww thank you so much. We don't really have that grand of a story, to put it simply, we were just really good friends (and classmates) that ended up falling for each other after many late night conversations and after-school study sessions. I think we bro-zoned each other and then one day there was this feeling I couldn't shake off after every conversation that only got more personal each time.. Neither of us expected it and because of that I think it was the best thing that happened to us both. :)

Once again, thanks a lot Tricia, you're too kind to be replying my essays( hahaha, i need to learn how to write concisely).Hope you enjoy your trip in Korea and keep the insta posts coming from both accounts! They're delightful!(:

Sorry this is late but I hope things turned out okay in the end :) with group projects you never can tell what kind of people you'll be dealing with but I think as long as you hold your ground, things have a funny way of working themselves out! No worries and thanks for your kind words hehe, have a good weekend! :-*

Thanks for surviving my essay Tricia, deeply appreciated! Terribly sorry about the spam! You can reply to just this "ask" so as not to clog up your page with my essays. Haha

Hahah no worries! Damn, that sounds pretty insane...
Honestly the fact that they had no invoices is really suspicious in the first place, which makes me wonder if they're just trying to fleece you and the other members. Going rogue and buying all these stuff that costs so much and then expecting you all to pay for it without significant proof is really quite ridiculous. When it comes to having a bad reputation, I think they have to worry about that more. I honestly think that you should stand your ground and maybe to make it fairer, find out what's the average price most groups pay (the one they managed to spend 2.5x of) and split that cost only. Because honestly that was at least part of the plan that was discussed. Maybe other things you might wanna consider are the relationships with these group members prior to this project, reasoning behind going rogue and their attitudes towards this whole fiasco? If they're genuinely remorseful and had good explanations for everything maybe you guys can work out a way to pay for everything while pleasing all parties. At the end of the day, you can always mark them really low in peer evaluation if you feel it's unfair, although it's a small way to affect their grades, it still makes me a bit better haha.
Hope this helps and you manage to resolve this :)

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Hi Tricia, so so sorry to bug you with issues im facing but your advice will be greatly appreciated(: I did a group project recently and some of my groupmates went on to purchase items necessary for the prototype that we were submitting at the end for submission. They went on to purchase items witho

So sorry but please continue! Didn't get the rest of your question hehe

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