Ask @ourstoryathogwarts:

Why do people loose their interest?

Perhaps people don’t loose interest but merely you both play huge parts in one another’s lives thus preparing you for the person you’re becoming and are yet to be. Relationships are tough and it’s when we invest all our happiness into one person when things get toxic. Don’t rely on another person for happiness, look within yourself for it.

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How do you ask someone out on a date?

Here’s my advice, if you’re looking to take someone on a date that you like but aren’t “talking to” then start with being friends and feel around to see what they’re like and look for positive signs of them flirting back with you. If you’re dating them already what you waiting for? Just ask! If you’re friends but want to be more, just be straight up. Life is too short to long for a partner and not make a move. Confidence is key. Also HMU sometime for more advice. I’m now curious to see how this goes :)

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