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What things you want to do, but you can't?

Kiss every cute girl all over their face and maybe other places.
Write a groundbreaking philosophy text
Start and run a NPO that incubates new employee-owned businesses everywhere in the US
Make a billion dollars and donate most of it to things like environmentalism, the democratic party and campaign reform
Own and run a company that makes a digital audio workstation exactly how I want it
Be a famous actor
Be friends with Miranda Cosgrove
Date a few celebrities I like

What?☹?? causes diseases?

Lots of things, poor diet (like too much sugar, too much salt, not enough vegetables, too many artificial ingredients, too much meat over-eating), stress, negative thoughts, lack of exercise, vaccines, bacteria, viruses, lack of continuous minor exposure to bacteria and viruses, pollution, other unnatural chemicals in our environment, genetic disorders, things your mother ate/drank/smoked/injected/etc. while pregnant or nursing, etc. etc.

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What summer shoes do you find the most comfortable?

What? I wear shoes. Summer, winter, fall, spring, they're the same shoes.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

That might be the time I was driving on the highway and was about to miss my turn so I switched lanes into a turning lane without looking to see if anyone was in the other lane first. I know, I'm an awful driver. I don't drive anymore, if that makes anyone feel better. =P

What's your favorite smell?

French Vanilla perfume is up there, but I've smelled other smells that were even better that I was never able to identify. =p

Do you send questions to yourself?

No, never even thought of that. I didn't know you could do that. I'll keep it in mind.

What was the last thing made you feel sick?

I ate a big, delicious crepe and then I got sick and threw it up. Either that or I had too much White Russian and threw it up. I don't remember which one happened last.

Do you ever feel close to anyone on here, even though you don't know them in a real life?

I don't feel connected to anyone on ask.fm. At all. Like electronically we're not connected. Nobody here seems to know I exist or to comment on my answers and I don't see others' answers. I can only think of one person I follow and I rarely click on her answers because she hasn't been here in like a year. Ask.fm doesn't seem to really connect people like the other q&a sites I've been on do.

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I've never really seen a scary movie, but Pi and Rocky Horror Picture Show both come to mind because they had some pretty disturbing moments. I've seen a couple of horror movies but I don't remember them scaring me. But I did find out about an awesome song (Lamb - Gorecki) by watching I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.


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