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You do know you fucked up right? You lost the best thing you've had. When have I ever not been there when you needed me? Your loss!

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You like playing games? You kept lying for what? Telling me your in love with me for what? It isn't true you made your choice.


I think I’m being too proud to start stalking Laura. Pride’s a sin so I should find Laura’s facebook and go from there. I bet she’s had a b/f…. I should do some “research”


I could do a public records search on the addresses of Laura’s ppl in my parents’ neighborhood. I could get the names associated w/ every address and search FB pages until I find Laura in someone’s friends section. I wouldn’t but that’s how I’d find Laura if I was a psycho stalker.

You did it
👏 👏👏
Rised above it
. . .

I get more BS at the FtW gym because I’m “over the target”. I could meet someone there and Laura & Co knows that. They gotta F it up…..I don’t have options at the other gyms so there’s way less BS from L & Co. Huh…

Yep 😂😂

So now is the time. Not later. Not after another hit, another night, not after you talk to so n so or after you get this or that. Now. Right now or you will miss it and possibly regret it forever. Because once the door closes it stays shut. I don't control that, god does. Do you want to have a life

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You’re right I might have to deal with an ex gf family running me over or busting my car up. Strange why anyone would wanna break from that… psh. Now THATS in readable. You make it to court with them


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