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wait! so you are allowed to tell someone you have powers-whatever they may be- but you are not allowed to show anyone your powers?

The general rule is you can reveal your powers to close family & friends if you're sure they can keep it a secret. If in the line of supernatural duty you inadvertently reveal your powers to someone that's okay as well. If they have a camera then you must regrettably destroy it but of course compensate them.

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Is there any easy solution teqnique to travel to parrarel universe.What the walkthrough?

Leaving the confines of your reality is purposely not easy. The higher dimensional beings can't very well have the masses escaping their lives thereby deleting potential mathematical probabilities. Learning the art of Astral Projection is probably the best shot for the average person since everyone does it as they dream each night.

Where do you envision yourself living in the future?

Psychics have said that me, and the Mystic Investigations team will have our own private intergalactic vessel in the 33rd century that traverses the Virgo Supercluster taking down the forces of Supernatural evil. Since we own a fleet of ships with various crews I give myself the title of Admiral Xavier Remington.

How long does it usually take a beginner to bring his/her astral body out of his/her physical body in astral projection? I try for about 15 minutes but then I start getting bored and start dreaming about something else.

Time varies for everyone. You can find expert Astral Projection guidance here: http://mval.li/?a=2958&c=129&p=r&s1=

If I master astral projection, and choose to "keep" and Change/control my physical body would I still have all the Traveler abilities I would have if I chose to leave my body behind?


When a Traveler goes back in time can he physically interact with things and people from that time? And if the Traveler changes something from the past would that make a tangent timeline/parallel universe or would it change that same timeline?

Time travel always result in travel to a parallel Universe. The Universe doesn't allow for paradoxes. However it could just so happen that you're meant to do something in the past of the Universe that technically you already did in the past without your knowledge at this point.

Also, can other Travelers guide/teach a human how to become a traveler, if the human has chosen to be one but needs help/guidance?


Why is it important to start with Lucid Dreaming, instead of just astral projecting and immediately becoming a Traveler? Are there risks? Is it dangerous? As a Traveler, would I be able to interact with Biological humans the same way I could before being a Traveler?

Lucid Dreaming is just a way to work up to Astral Projection for novices. It's not necessary.

As a traveler would it be wrong to expose my powers? Also would I be able to bring "normal" humans with me when I travel through time? Also, if I watch a TV show and I wanted to have powers similar to a character, would I be able to have those powers?

Yes to all except overexposure of powers that could trigger the Supernatural Secrecy Pact, and Angelic intervention.

Is everything on the website, about demi-demons, demi-angels, demi-gods, Travelers, etc, real or just fantasy/fiction? I really want to be a Traveler so I'm hoping that's true.

Yes it's real. The first step to becoming a Travelers is mastering Lucid Dreaming, and living out your dream. Then move on to Astral Projection, or controlling your energy body spirit to the point of being able to travel anywhere. Some figure out how to use that to control their biological body, and transform it while others simply leave it behind, and are able to manifest their astral body into our physical reality as a being of pure light so perfect it gives off no visible light.

What do you look forward to most this year?

The Devil returning to Hell where he belongs. He's been among us in physical form since Halloween 2013.

How can someone gain super or psychic powers?

Everyone has the potential for the entire array of psychokinetic powers within their junk DNA. Usually everyone has a bit of a clue as to what power might have more potential than most. If you aren't sure at the least you should pick one power to focus on, and visualize each day. Various sites, and Youtube videos talk about how to manifest some of these powers. Use of subliminal videos/audo, and binaural beats is very helpful as well in order to achieve the right mental frequency to channel the power.

Xaver, I don't know, if I can understand, why you are so hard to write to, greetings, Jartnosfer, appar. Facebook is maybe some kind of 'obligation' of mine? (jarentved@yahoo.cl).

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