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Is it cheating if your partner knows

levihampton954’s Profile PhotoLevi Hampton
If you’re in a monogamous relationship then yes. But if you are Poly and your partner knows about it then no. However if it’s poly and your partner didn’t know then that would be considered cheating.

now nobody listens to rock and metal anymore, the fashion is to listen to reggeaton

Imma stick with my rock if that’s okay with you.

If someone randomly kisses you whats your reaction? (dont think too hard)

If it’s someone I don’t know, push them off of me immediately

Why would someone 20+ be content with sitting at home everyday, for months, not working or going to college, not doing anything with themselves, rarely leaving the house? I don’t get it

Because I work all the time.

Whoever BM drive a red nissan maxima plate #GHT684, she getting her back broke in walmart parking lot 🥴🤧

Oh damn plates and everything!!


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