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Do you have any acquaintances who suffer from bad luck and with whom you don't want to communicate because of this? Share some stories.


Have u gotten ur period? (this is coming from a girl and I'm just asking because I have not gotten it yet and mostly everyone did and I'm scared!!)

yes. (don't feel bad about not getting it. you're so lucky! periods are hell)

You are attending a birthday party of a very rich person who "has got everything". What do you give him/her as a gift?

a dildo

I just realized I'll write a test in music tomorrow. I didn't learn, because I played piano for 5 years I know the half or 2/3 I guesss, but I don't know the rest. It's actually not dramatic but it's a long story I don't have lust to tell. Basically I'm crying.

Oh dear, well I hope you feel better


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