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Why a man hide in the bathroom looking his phone every night before bedtime

Clear mind... A couple minutes of peace

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If the Plot from the Matrix was actually True in our lives, and someone offered You a blue pill to allow You to remain in the fabricated reality of the world or Matrix; Or a red Pill to allow the location of your own body in the real world to be "unplugged" from the Matrix, which Would You choose ?

Unplugg me

Have you ever felt like bothering or wanted to bother others due to how bad of a situation you were in at one point in time because you thought it was unfair to see others happy/seemingly living their best lives while you weren’t?


Do you care about how people might perceive you or what they’ll think about you going off of your posts on here?


when did you realize they didn't love you anymore?

Been knew it was just a matter of time telling and exposing things

What does it mean when a girl will only text you and never answers her phone when you call?

Move around my boi... Dat ain't wat u want

Have you ever loved someone so hard that didn’t love you back? Or at least tried to get someone’s attention that didn’t care about you?

Feel like I'm in dat situation rn


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