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Imagine sending out shoutouts saying you got laid like it’s anyone but your business then when someone tells you that nobody cares and it’s disgusting to even want to tell everyone you start trying to say they’re jealous and start trying to know all about their s€x Life🤡 people are fkn weird bro

Well damn

How do you get out of a toxic relationship

There are multiple ways to get out but ypu need to do what's right for you

If ur friend wants to know about your whereabouts and you dont want to tell them, do you owe them an explanation

Why are tou hiding it is the question

How do you make a long distance relationship work? Does it actually work or has it always been doomed to fail? Wise answers only.

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If you want it to work you will make it work it depends on if the two individuals want to put that effort into the relationship


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