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ROBIN tbh i miss you dude. We have so many memories together hehe. Even though we faded multiple times we always got back to our original friendship. I hope you're doing well in the states AND YO TELL ME WHEN YOU'RE COMING TO KOREA SO WE CAN HANG. we still have to go shopping in texas ♥ ok ily bye

sophieumar’s Profile PhotoSophie Umar
omg aw i just saw this ily sophie
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tbh we nvr talked much or at all hahaha but i remember we rode the same bus together! i think ur sister and my sister were rlly close friends or smth haha idk. but a lot of my friends thougjt u were rlly pretty! oh and i also thought u dressed rlly nice u had swag lolol.

ayyy lmao thanks david (:


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