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Passable - Cap de dire aux gens : " Horrible. " - "Moche " -" Chaud " - " Passable " - " On s'améliore! " - " Bien " -"Mignon/ne"- " Beau/Belle " -"Très beau/belle"- " Magnifique *•* " - " Plus que magnifique! " - " Sublime *__* " - " Parfait ! " Et de leur poser cette question

nn -_-!
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what am i doing exactly? I am asking....u wanted questions nn?

yeah and don't stop Babe you know I like when things are getting ugly hh

you already know me waaay to much ....Baby

So don't do this to me. I am at my limits. love is a bitch sometimes.. It's fine thinking is the best thing to right now :D

A drop in the ocean, A change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together. It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, But I'm holding you closer than most, 'Cause you are my heaven.

I wish I could know who you are. those words are making me want to know you more.

est ce que c'est ton caractère ou-bien c'est juste parce que c'est la fête..??

de quoi tu parles ? caractère .. fête ?

so you love her? how beautiful.... it sure didn't last, you together i mean

I believe sometimes it is better to let the person you love away from you because it is better for you, and avoid suffering blindly.

what i mean is what would make you hold on to someone so badly if all you do is fight, humiliate each other, hurt each other and break up all the time?

When you fucking love the other person, and go beyond that shit of insignificant problems, people's mentality, and fear of loving.. that what would make fight all the time for that person.

Would you consider dating a girl who isn't into sex, or is it not feasible for you ? 'cause there is not only sex that matters in a relationship isn't it?

There is not only sex in life. If we are in love enough.. it is enough

J'ai vu abla a aui mardi, elle etudie la bas maintenant ? Bro ca craint pour toi

why radii we're just friennnnnds now :D


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