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If you were on a fictional talent show showing off your bladder control, what would you do to really amaze everyone, besides just holding a really long time?

uhh maybe things like showing how much i was holding by measuring or weighing or something?
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How would you feel if someone denied you permission to pee, but then invited you to the bathroom to watch them pee?

i would probably be pretty frustrated but also probably enjoy it a lot lol

If you had a friend who enjoyed pressing on your bladder while it was full, what would you do? Would you ask them to stop?

it depends on who the friend is what kind of relationship we have and how bad i need to go.

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I bet you’d be fun to bring along on car trips. While I wouldn’t drink anything, you’d have to drink bottle after bottle of water with no rest stops for 4+ hours. Does that sound fun for you, cutie? ^_^

as long as theres a safe word and a back up plan lol

Hey cutie! Imagine you’re trying to help your friend who’s a little pee shy to go pee in front of you while being desperate yourself. Come up with some nice watery imagery to help them go! What would you say?

uhh i would say get out of the way let me show you how to do it! lol

how tall is your tallest friend? and where do you come up to on them?

umm i think he's like 6'5 or something lol
i come up to maybe like his armpit? lol

can you teach me how to do a split?

you just try to spread your legs as far apart as you can. i would demonstrate but i can't do one. sorry :)

have you ever been accused of "something going on" with someone who is just a friend? how do you handle it?

many times. I will talk to the other person and see how they feel and how they want to handle it. I will either just ignore it or confront it. sometimes, if the other person is okay with it, we will play along and create more confusion. just for fun. dont spread rumors people!

is there someone that is over protective of you? what are they like? youre just such a sweetie, i know there's someone. ;)

yes actually. he's really sweet. i dont know why he's so protective. hes the person that everyone wants to know but he's very guarded and no one really knows much about him. but hes very over protective of me. its annoying sometimes, but very sweet.

hi honey, i was thinking maybe you should put on some extra panties just to make sure you hold in all that pee.


can you please send me your jeans wetting crotch holding video?

i dont have a video and if i did i wouldnt send it to you

how is a cutie like you not owned by a strong, harsh master??

because i dont have time for all that. but it does sound really nice :)

If you like holding but not wetting what happens when you hold too long or can’t find a toilet when you need? Isn’t wetting the other half of the fun

wetting makes a mess that you then have to clean up. thats not fun. you just make sure you can get to the toilet. lol.

So cutie, what is your favorite outfit to wear while holding?

i dont really have a favorite outfit, but i typically like to wear cooler things since i will get hot squirming around so much


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