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Mesa vs Orange cabs for modern low tuned metal, be it 2x12/4x12

I'm def a bigger fan of the Orange PPC412 vs. the Mesa 4x12/4x12 OS. I have used both extensively live, but the Orange just always worked perfectly with my tone and lower tunings especially.
When we made our ERGLabs Kemper profiles, we also profiled both of these cabs and I absolutely prefer the profiles with the Orange PPC412 across the board. They sound more open and balanced to my ears.
I have not tried the 2x12 versions, so I can't comment on that.
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What are some crucial pieces of advice for building a successful Instagram page?

I have none. I didn't try to build a successful Instagram page.
The moment I started posting guitar content, things started picking up. I'm sure it helped that I was in an actively touring band at the time as well, so I assume fans of my music followed me and it all just kind of started snowballing at some point.
That and my passion for records and guitars were probably a good combination, a meeting of the minds, if you wanna romanticize. I also like good photography, so I put effort in my photos rather than just using my phone, which might help.
I guess my only advice would be to post about things you're passionate about. If those things are passions many people share, maybe your following will grow. Maybe it won't.
I wouldn't worry about it. IG could turn into a flop three years from now, you never know. Your passions hopefully won't, so you're better off focussing on those and letting social media run its natural course.

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Keeping your strings from ringing out on the 8 string and still being able to maintain comfortable fluid picking.

I personally found the Gruv Gear fret wraps a little too bulky, but of course you can move them up and down the neck, which can be an advantage depending on what playing style you have.
I personally use small velcro stripes to mute the strings behind the nut/before the tuning machines from ringing out. That's enough for me, but of course you can't move them around.
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What pickup do you choose for an 8 string and why? Seymour Duncan Nazgul, BKP Aftermath, Painkiller or Fishman Fluence.

I have tried the Nazgul 7, Aftermath 6 and 7 and Painkiller 8, but have yet to try the Fishman Fluence (I have the 7-string version on my review bench, though).
Out of the mentioned pickups I got to try, none would be my first choice. One of my favorite pickups ever is the Instrumental Pickups SFTY3 and I can definitely recommend it. My Kiesel DC7X, which is tuned like an 8-string, is loaded with a Kiesel Lithium and also sounds outstanding.
But it does really depend on the guitar and its tone woods, so it's hard to make a generalized statement. I have a big pickup shootout on my SoundCloud with clips of all of these pickups, so check it out. Maybe it will help you make a choice!

What are yout thoughs on the new Peavey Invective .120?

I personally prefer more simple amps, but it does have a couple of cool features that will probably eliminate the need to use certain pedals for some players. I'd be happy to try one at some point, but it's not on my "must try" list or anything.

Do people send you free vinyl for exposure/advertising on your IG channel? Or do you buy everything?

I rarely get something sent for free, but sometimes I help friends who run labels and post about their new releases. About 99% of what I post is something I bought myself, though.
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Do you think the zero fret makes any difference?

First and foremost, it is recommended to have a good nut before the headpiece or headstock. I'm saying this because I have seen headless guitars where the strings run, albeit over a zero fret, straight into the headpiece. After talking to several luthiers, they definitely wouldn't recommend that.
A zero fret in combination with a (deeper cut) nut can theoretically create an even more ideal string height and therefor better intonation, but I guess most brands and luthiers don't use this layout because it's simply not necessary if the nut is installed and slotted correctly.

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