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You are in relationship man is 12 years older. That ok or not

lol, yes!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%%%%%%%%%. not even joking, the best move ever!

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I've been having a one-sided crush on the same person for 6 years and I don't want it to go away because I'm afraid the next one might be more traumatic than this one. Am I being irrational?

yea you are being irrational .. I advise you to get therapy, it really helps, you deserve the best in this world, it is hard to hear possibly but trust me you do.

Why do I feel like my boyfriend will never commit to me? We have been together for almost 5 years and we live together. He says he doesn’t really like talking about marriage, so I quit bringing it up. I feel like our relationship isn’t going anywhere

is he a gemini

How open are you to have a conversation with anyone ?

depends on the setting, i love people and love striking a nice conversation with someone but sometimes its too much

I can easily impress you with my secret 🤩

pls do bc i feel that there are no secrets that can actually impress me at this point of my life career

Do you have a lot in common with your friends ?

honestly, its a difficult question
i could explain this through a Spotify automated playlist collabs
with most of my friends i have 70-80 music taste match
but with some the playlist is 80% J cole and Kanye West
and with others its Yishai Ribboh and Omer Adam

If people can read your mind , What would they usually hear!¿ 😛😛

some sort of prayer , not sure

What’s your least favorite zodiac sign? What’s your favorite?

wow idk bc it is really ur birht chart that matters (Lol)
no but my least fav are gemini sun and leo moon dg me wrong !!! i also love my gemini friends


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