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Why is cultural appropriation offensive to the minority from which an element of their culture is imitated?

Yeesh, I don't mind answering real questions asked to me but questions like this where I'm supposed to make statements about a large number of diverse people involving a complex situation is not going to yield a satisfactory result.
People are complicated. Some people are born offended - and were probably offended that they had to leave the womb - and some people are not offended by anything and everyone else lies somewhere between these extremes. So, a part of the answer is because some just want to be offended about something.
This is a small part of the answer and for these people I still respect their right to feel offended, even if I don't agree with it. The biggest part of the answer comes from the very human reaction of seeing someone not respecting something that is important to a person. This isn't limited to cultural appropriation. If something is important to you, even something like a specific anime or science fiction book, you get angry when you feel someone else isn't giving it the respect it is due.
In any question of cultural appropriation - and, really, anywhere that power can be gained - I also think dishonest people stoke the flames of hatred for their own personal gain and create/widen fault lines that weren't there before and trivial issues and appropriations that weren't malicious suddenly become a huge issue.

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Hello! How's your day?

Good, the highlight of the day was frying up some potatoes I grew in the garden this year. This was the first year I tried growing potatoes and today was first time I was trying them. They were - without a doubt - the best potatoes I have ever eaten.
Hello Hows your day

Hello! How's your day been?

Could be better, could be worse. Plenty of things to worry about close to home and far away.
One example, I just found out my one sister - whose boss of a local government agency - was assigned a cop as a temporary employee for light duties until his broken hand healed. She noticed he'd disappear for long hours during work and would give weird excuses as to why. She notified the local police chief, his boss, who had a tracker placed on his government vehicle and it was found out that, among other places, he'd go visit his girlfriend or he'd go home to get into fights with his wife.
He got fired and a criminal case is being brought against him and my sister is the key witness.
And it turns out when he was 19 he "accidentally" shot his girlfriend in the face (how do you become a cop after that?), has anger issues (he punched a car which caused the broken hand), always was "weird" in a slightly crazy way, and after being fired tried to see my sister while at work.
The local fire chief told her she should get a gun and the police chief said if she sees this guy at her home to lock all the doors and call 911.
As the older brother I'm worried about her and frustrated that I can't do anything short of sitting on her front porch with a shotgun.
So, I'm keeping my sanity in part by watching anime but I'm not really feeling like writing for my blog.

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What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities?

I've taken that 16 personalities test several times and almost always get: ISFP.
Which means - Quiet, friendly, sensitive, and kind. Enjoy the present moment, what's going on around them. Like to have their own space and to work within their own time frame. Loyal and committed to their values and to people who are important to them. Dislike disagreements and conflicts, do not force their opinions or values on others.
I think that fits me pretty good.

Anime Question of the Day! The third monday in July is Ocean Day, a Japanese national holiday. It was first observed in 1996 when it was created to give thanks to the ocean's bounty and recognize Japan as a maritime nation. It's also a good time to go to the beach. Favorite beach episode?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
My favorite beach episode might be the one from Another.
Anime Question of the Day The third monday in July is Ocean Day a Japanese

Anime Question of the Day! SOCIETY/CULTURE edition! In Japan, the size of most apartments are measured by the number of tatami mats (1.91 x 0.95m). A standard bedroom size would be about 6 tatami mats. That said, what is the nicest looking bedroom you've seen in anime?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
When thinking of architecture in anime one has to think of Shaft, and when one thinks of Shaft one immediately thinks of the Monogatari franchise, and when one thinks of the Monogatari franchise one should think of the Araragi's bedroom.
Anime Question of the Day SOCIETYCULTURE edition In Japan the size of most

Anime Question of the Day! Quiz show edition! The topic is GEOGRAPHY. There are eight regions in Japan: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu/Okinawa. For each region, name an anime/manga that mentions, is set in, or cameos that location. How many points can you get?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
Let's see how I do:
Hokkaido - Noein, Silver Spoon, Figure 17
Tohoku - X-men (the weak Madhouse ver. from 2011)
Kanto - Tari Tari (Picking a Tokyo based anime seemed too easy)
Chubu - Hyouka
Kinki (Kansai) - The Tatami Galaxy
Chugoku - Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou (a really great movie)
Shikoku - Sengoku Basara (Chousokabe Motochika - the pirate one - comes from Shikoku)
Kyushu/Okinawa - Asobi ni Iku yo! (which Funimation titled Cat Planet Cuties)
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Anime Question of the Day! Nagoya's Sumo Basho Tournament begins this week. In sumo wrestling, the customary way for an audience member to display anger at a controversial call is to throw one's seat cushion ("zabuton"). With that said... PILLOW FIGHT! (share a dakimakura?)

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
Isn't sharing a dakimakura like sharing your hair brush or underwear? Something your Mom told you never to do for obvious hygienic reasons.

What do you think of canned foods and how often do you eat them? Is there any particular canned food brand that you like/trust?

I grew up in a blue collar, lower-middle class family before the whole "foodie" movement with it's associate causes rose up. As such I ate a lot of canned food.
I find the vast majority of the people involved with the various "foodie" movements to be smug, self-centered, uninformed, pretentious sheeple who use how and why they eat what they eat as a means to proclaim their fiscal and moral superiority. The people who push it, using scientific claims that are tenuous at best, are a pack of boot-licking sycophants. And the end result is farm land producing far less food - it has to be "organic" - using far greater effort and resources all so that more of it can get thrown out because "fresh" food goes bad quickly.
So, yes, I still eat a lot of canned food and it's typically the cheapest I can find. If it wasn't safe to eat, it wouldn't be on the shelves.
That's not to say I stick with canned food all the time. Local, fresh picked corn on the cob is simply divine. However, corn on the cob bought in winter that was shipped from the other side of the world is no better tasting - and probably worse - then a can of corn or a bag of frozen corn.

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Are you a hot weather or cold weather type of person?

I am a late summer, nights have that chill to it, days are still warm enough to make one forget about that chill, sunflowers are in full bloom, sweet corn is ready to pick, pumpkins on the vine are starting to turn orange, type of person.
Are you a hot weather or cold weather type of person

Anime Question of the Day! Did you know today is nano's birthday? The bilingual ex-utaite, now a full-time recording artist who rose to popularity on Niconico and Youtube? She's famous for her masculine "trap" voice. Can you name some male anime characters who were actually voiced by women?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
If your talking vocal range of a seiyuu then Megumi Han is one of the best. She voiced Gon from Hunter x Hunter and is currently voicing Rinko Yamato from Ore Monogatari!!.
Anime Question of the Day Did you know today is nanos birthday The bilingual

Anime Question of the Day! Today is the opening ceremony to Mt. Fuji's climbing season ("Fujisan Yama-biraki"). Mt. Fuji is a cultural symbol of Japan and an active volcano! Can you identify an anime that features magma, lava, or volcanic eruptions?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
If you wanted people to post Gurren Lagann pictures, you should have just said so. :)
Anime Question of the Day Today is the opening ceremony to Mt Fujis climbing

Anime Question of the Day! On this day in 1981, Nintendo released Donkey Kong, a platformer arcade game which saw Mario's debut. Speaking of Mario and foreigners, what do you think of the un-japanese-ness and eclectic hair/eye colors of many anime characters (e.g. blond/pink/blue/purple)?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
I'm not sure if I can authoritatively comment about the "un-japanese-ness" found in anime since I have no first hand knowledge of Japan. What I have wondered is why does the villains and losers in anime often have squinty eyes and/or large front teeth. Both of which have been used for unflattering caricatures of Japanese people by those in the West. I'm no psychologist or sociologist so I wouldn't hazard a guess why this is so but I do find it very odd.
As for eclectic hair/eye colors. I think it's just easier to draw characters and have them easily differentiable by changing up their hair and eye colors. If everyone generally have the same hair color/eye color then the
character designer has to really work at getting the characters to look different in an anime and I don't think many want to bother or have the capability to do so. A good example of keeping it more authentic and the result being fantastic was the recently aired Shirobako.

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Anime Question of the Day On this day in 1981 Nintendo released Donkey Kong a

Anime Question of the Day! It's the rainy season ("tsuyu") in Japan. Name an anime episode where it rains. In fiction, it is said even trivial things (like rainy weather) serve a functional purpose. In the anime that you picked, rationalize why the director/screenwriter made the weather that way.

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
With animation, as opposed to live action, every minute detail shown on the screen is only there because someone specifically added it in and it's this feature, I feel, of animation that really helps make animation such a diverse visual media because what one animator feels is necessary to give an animation a lifelike feel is not necessarily what another animator feels is necessary.
Great animation tries to maximize what each element contributes to the whole, so, rain gets used a lot for many different purposes. There's the ever popular I'm-stoic-but-the-feels-have-gotten-to-me-luckily-it-started-raining-so-the-viewers-aren't-100%-sure-if-these-are-tears-or-rain-drops scene. Or rain is used to show that life for a character currently sucks, Or the show needs a dramatic rise in tension. Or to set-up a reason why a character is about to end up in a car or bus accident. And sometimes, I think rain is used because it just looks cooler.

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Anime Question of the Day Its the rainy season tsuyu in Japan Name an anime

Anime Question of the Day! Happy Tanabata! During this holiday, people often write their wishes on "tanzaku" (tiny sheets of paper) and hang them up on a bamboo wishing tree! Would you care to share something that you wish for?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
That Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou would get a TV anime adaptation and that it would adapt the whole manga without rushing along and be well done.
Anime Question of the Day Happy Tanabata During this holiday people often write
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Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?

I'm going to Celebrate my God given right to blow my fingers off with fireworks, clog my arteries with "American" food, and watch the most "American" movies possible - Independence Day and Armageddon.
Happy 4th of July What are you doing this weekend

STEEEEEEEEEEELBOUND!!! Happy happy birthday!!!! Here's for more years to come and for us to celebrate! Take care!

THANK You! Seeing this was the nicest surprise I received today, makes me want to dance :)
STEEEEEEEEEEELBOUND Happy happy birthday Heres for more years to come and for us

What's something that everyone should do every day?

For each new day:
1. Consciously pick something new to be thankful for.
2. Figure out one thing to look forward to.
3. Smile and say hi to someone you don't know.
4. Be on the lookout for the opportunity to do one good deed that you wouldn't normally do.
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Post one of your favorite quotes and who it's by!

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."
- Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

I've missed your blog. :( Are you gonna blog soon? :)

Yes, April turned out to be a bit too busy to find the time. Too many new anime shows to watch and digest. I got sucked into Jim Butcher's Codex Alera fantasy series and read all six novels in two weeks (books are my true addiction). The household got a new dog when he walked up our driveway and decided to start guarding our back porch. I feel drawn to write something about the hoopla surrounding the Hugo Awards, which is distracting me from coming up with anime blogging ideas, but I think the topic is way too polarized to do any good but I've spent time trying to compose something anyways. And so on. I miss blogging and hope May will be more productive.
Here's an extremely close up view of Gabriel, the wanna-be guard dog.
Ive missed your blog  Are you gonna blog soon

Anime Question of the Day! In schools of Japanese tea ceremony, March 28th is a day to commemorate Sen no Rikyuu, the founding father of the "Way of Tea" and particularly the wabi-cha tradition. Can you identify any anime or manga that make reference to traditional Japanese tea ceremony?

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
The best anime about Japanese tea ceremonies, Sengoku era politics, and reaction faces is Hyouge Mono. Watching it will make you feel both very cultured and juvenile at the same time.
Anime Question of the Day In schools of Japanese tea ceremony March 28th is a

Anime Question of the Day! With the winter season wrapping up, have you looked at the list of anime airing in Spring 2015 or checked out the trailers and PVs? Which shows are you looking forward to? Name a show that you predict will be an utter disaster.

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
Looking forward to - Ore Monogatari!! and Lupin
Turn into an utter disaster - Shokugeki no Souma and probably Gunslinger Stratos The Animation


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