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You should do a room/apartment tour on Twitter or Insta. Your style is so fabulous!

Maybe when my room/new house is all set up I will do that! Right now my stuff is still like all over the place but I'm down for that when I'm all settled in!

so you feel like people don't ask you as much now that you're not with he who shall not be named?

That is definitely a fact! But that's totally fine haha I am way more private these days anyway.

do you think you'll ever stop doing the blue in your hair or change it out for a different color??

I don't have any plans currently to stop until maybe I graduate and get a job that makes me! And I don't plan on changing the color either! It is blue and purple now though :)

Do you use filters for your instagram? Or is your life really always so colorful? Lol

I don't ever really use filters lol but sometimes I edit and like brighten and pull color but never like the built in ones

do you still think about Michael? Personally I think you look way happier and it seems like your current boyfriend is a lot more accepting of you and way more goofy. you two are adorable ❤️

Tbh no I do not really, unless like someone brings him up or something! I don't have hard feelings I just know that part of life is over and for good reason. And I AM so much happier, Hunter makes me crazy happy and I'm so grateful for him. We have a really strong relationship.

So I've been really unhappy with my body lately and I know I get results when I work out, but it's so hard to motivate myself and keep going. Any advice for that or maybe even simple things that work without the full force of a gym???

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Well if you know you get excited when seeing results then use that as motivation. And use small work outs even things you have to do to reward yourself with getting your nails done or something later.

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