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Nenne bitte deine fünf liebsten Soundtracks. (Ob von Filmen, Videospielen, Serien, o.Ä. ist dabei egal)

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I love naruto video games *-* haha sirf wohi khelti hun me. What's it's name btw? And my brother is a gamer too. Any good video game and RPG recommendations for him? :)

Naruto ultimate ninja storm revolution
It's epic *__*
And yeah Dragonage inquisition one of the best rpgs I've played so far
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Как так? Зная твою любовь погонять пару часиков во всякие dragonage и прочие Elder skrollsы ты еще не опробовал?

А, так речь о Dragon Age? Уже давнооо не пару часиков. Да и из серии Dragon Age мне только Origins нравится, на самом высоком уровне сложности - люблю думать. :-)

yes the new one looks v good i got it the other day it was like £60 for the digital deluxe thingy but yolo & ye im playing through in prep but they have a thing on their website to like let u make all the important choices without playing the games again which is cool but it will suck if u cant play

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im subbed to the dragonage sreddit and i do not want 2 click on anything at all bc of spoilers
its a tough life
but yeah i heard about that!!! they r very helpful
if nothing else i will go and make friends with someone who has it and brutally use them itll b ok
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