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How you studying englishlanguage? In school or another?

I study English with my tutor. She gives some new words on a new topic. I read aloud📖 We discuss about content of the text. I do a grammar test. We fix my mistakes✅ I train an English speaking with my tutor. Moreover, I write essays every week.
Well, I communicate with foreigners sometimes🌸 I tryna use the application "stoic" like private dairy daily.
P.S. Guys, I can't make posts often, because the preparation for exams is very time-consuming💦 I hope that you understand me. The last exam is underwaied on June 21.
*P.S. Ребята, я не могу делать посты часто, потому что подготовка к экзаменам занимает очень много времени💔 Надеюсь на ваше понимание. Последний экзамен назначен на 21 июня.
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How you studying englishlanguage In school or another

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