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Have you ever had a female stalker?

Yes my ex girlfriend. If I was busy and was like 1 minute late for a response she would text me family freaking out calling me a liar. Made fake accounts, had other people make fake accounts, stalked me stalked my family, and even had her friends do it too. Oh not to mention she claimed I was always cheating on her. Although I was as faithful as a Muslim to Allah, and that's very faithful. The stalking was so bad had to break up with her. And she still stalked and made fake accounts. Smh

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Is it important to you to share similar taste in music with your romantic partner?

Yes music is a big part of my life and I would hate to spend the rest of it with someone with shitty taste

Can someone be too depressed to clean their own house?

Yes. When someone becomes sad they lose their self worth and starts to not care about themselves or the things around them.

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