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5 facts - I LIKE YOU THE MOST OUT OF ALL THE DAVIANS BECAUSE YOU HAVE YOUR BACKGROUND AS ONE TREE HILL. OKAY THAT'S SOOOOO AWESOOOMEEEEE!! Sorry for the screaming part. :P - You have a vibrant smile. - Scholar - You like Sidney Sheldon. *_* -We have a lot of common interests. LUCAS<3

ShrutiSaxena927’s Profile PhotoShruti Saxena
Yes. Yes. Yes. YES. OneTreeHill just rocks! *_*
You read Sidney Sheldon too? De taali.
(Btw, you love Nathan more than Lucas naa? Nathan=You. Lucas= Me. Happppy Ending. xD)
Thanks. :)

Здравейй ;ддд Как си ? Какво интересно направи днес ? Обичаш ли да гледаш филми ? Ходиш ли на кино? ^.^ Кой филм за последно гледа ? На колко години е или би искал/а да бъде гаджето ти ... Малко други въпросчета ;ддд ягода / банан , целувка/ прегръдка , селфие / обикновена снимка .. ♥ Лека вечер ^.^

niall_horan134’s Profile PhotoIna Taskowa
Хейй :)))
интересно не знам подстригах се преди малко
ами ахахах OneTreeHill :)
нямат значение годините ...важно е любов да има
ягода.....целувка....обикновена снимка :) Лек ден :)

....No....My teachers didn't even recognise me today, I tripped up these stairs at onetreehill and I pulled a muscle at the back of my thigh. Yesterday, I fell out of the car when my sister was driving because I thought I was winding the window down but I was actually opening the door. lololol

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hahahahahahahahahaha, wtfffffffffffffffffffff i swear to god what do yu do ? like are you on some crack? or medicine?

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