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Why does no1 listen to what I speak. It's as if they hear what they want and block out the rest. Especially my family, they don't even let me be myself, what can I do man..

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Aw I’m sorry I hope it gets better

Don’t you hate when ppl talk a different language that you wish you knew what they was saying ?


People need to learn to come up with some interested questions, instead of repeated ones over and over.


POV: You were given three wishes, what do you wish for?

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First wish would to have my dream body
2 wish would be have superpowers
3would to be have no more school

إذا كُسرَ غصنٌ، فجذورنا في الأرضِ لا يُثنيها ريحٌ. ما دامت الشجرة باقية، تنمو الغصونُ، ويغرد العصفور كما كان.

Don’t know what this says

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