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Opinions on dress codes?

I h8 it. Just tell us to wear the designated school shirt/polo and give us freedom to wear any pants (not booty short shit or big ass holes, at least not without long socks underneath) u know, skirts, jeans, and the other hundred varieties that we can wear. Like come on, end the stupid gender shit already it's so annoying.
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What are your two most favorite colors ?

Black is definitely my top favorite but 2nd has to be purple. But tbh, I can't decide if it's purple or light gray blue🤔
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What is your opinion about. Are your soulmate your best friend?

It's nice. Actually probably perfect. Cuz u 2 are friends, u practically know each other and if u did end up dating it wouldn't be boring, it'd be just like b4 just with more intimate feelings. Butttt, it also has its downfalls so I guess I'm in between the "I don't mind" and the "it could end up bad"

My "best friend" wants me to hang out with her during school, but when I do she constantly excludes me from the conversation she's having with her friends. I wanted to hang out with another group of friends I have, but I feel that it would be rude to do so. What should I do?

If she finds it rude that u wanna hang out with them then either drop her or have a thorough conversation with her cuz it's best u 2 talk instead of having to be felt left out from both sides. So don't just make it awkward just meet up and talk or call her cuz it's def a problem.

Believe in love at first sight? 🙃

Lmfaooo hell yeah, happened to me a few days ago when I was at Walmart, a guy caught my eye and I kept seeing him everywhere he looked so indescribably pretty but in a hot way that I just wanted to stare. Anyways I left the shop without talking to him cuz idk how old he is and I a minor so no thanks haha, but mannn, he was rlly cool looking. And he seemed chill and nice aaaahh🧟‍♀️
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What song makes you happy?

dunkleem777904’s Profile PhotoMelissa
"Don't Wanna Fall in Love" by Kyle. Years pass and it's the one song I never forget. No matter how sad I am or angry that song is such a vibe that I just can't help but bop my head it it with a "😌" expression on my face lmao

How do you make friends if you’re socially awkward?!

Idek. Like, they walk up to u I guess??? That's how Ive met ppl, they talk to me 1st and although I feel bad that they do cuz I'm not rlly one to talk or look very energized, idk why they do it. I'm rlly boring and Im not rlly funny lmfao💀

Would you rather be friends with a mermaid or a fairy ? (I know silly question)

Definitely a fairy, the ocean still lurks with things that we don't know of and I'm not here to find out😃 but a fairy can fly so yeah, I wanna fly with em🕺🏽

Don't you mind to chat? I have a question? 👉👈 Can you smile even when you are sad?

laurencatherine8031’s Profile Photolauren.catherine
Yeah, it's annoying cuz it's like a thing I do when I cry or I'm uncomfortable or frustrated. I h8 it. It makes me seem stupid and ppl use it to belittle me, ugh

Do u believe in long distance relationships?

Yup, idk why ppl find it so controversial.(ignoring how sum1 could catfish😨) It rlly all just depends on the person and how strong they are emotionally to hold a bond from so far away. Props to them for holding onto the hope of seeing each other/again, its crazy man, and ppl making fun of it just what makes shit harder tbh. But rlly it depends on the person, it all leads to them so ye, idk, sure I believe it 🧟‍♀️

Post a pic!

Drawing I made for motivation to dress like this when I finally can. I edited it to look pretty swaggy but ye. I haven't drawn anything rn so dis is a bit old but I rlly like it🤔
Post a pic

Who do u want to go to the dance wirh

Sum1 who cares abt me tbh, crush, friend, bff or even a family member. I just wanna have fun and not be sus, ya know? 🕺🏽

Worst thing about being ticklish?

So annoying when ppl find out or know abt it and just attack u at full force, I h8 it cuz ever1 I meet and try tickling they're not ticklish like WTF💀

What are you confused abour

What's my purpose in life and why hasn't it come forth👿 ik I'm still a minor but dammit I'm tired of this bs I'm in🧟‍♀️

Does one of your senses provide a more "real" experience for you, than the others, which and why? :)

I think smell. Sometimes I come across scents I pick up on certain people or things and it's weird but I never forget them.And my 2nd favorite has to be touch, I long for it but never receive it. But it's definitely a sense I like. Ya know, hugs, I love em.


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